Trying To Murder The Montague Family?

I remember part of a few dreams from last night but I forgot most of the details due to not waking up to use the bathroom, which would have given me a chance to think about some of my dreams before getting back in bed, and since I did not use the bathroom my bladder started to hurt later from holding it in so long; and that pain helped distract my brain from remember my dreams, since it was busy dealing with holding in urine & dealing with bladder pain. 😀

I had a series of dreams before my main three dreams of the night but I can not remember them really, but I think that one of them took place near a strange somewhat futuristic or modern looking school and/or mall and/or a building and I remember going outside on a nice day; but that is all that I can remember from that series of dreams.

Dream 1

The first main dream took place inside of an unknown small house or apartment or motel room with light-colored carpet, I think that it was a motel room since I remember it being one open room except for the bathroom & storage closest, and it was not very big other than being a bit longer than your average motel room.

The room was a rectangular shape with the door and a large window with blinds on the short left side of the room, on the long front side of the room were the beds & chest-of-drawers & a few other things, on the long back side of the room was the bathroom & storage closet & maybe a laundry room, and I had three laptops set up in the room & I was fixing them.

My former classmate JC’s laptop was in the middle and to the left & the right of his laptop were two older laptops that I was working on as well, after fixing JC’s laptop, I used his laptop to get some of the files that I needed to install some programs on the other laptops; and I did this by guessing JC’s password and using his log-in information to allow the other laptops access to the files on his laptop, so that I could transfer the files directly from his laptop to the other laptops.

JC’s laptop was easy to fix, but the two older laptops required me to format their hard-drives and I had to re-install the operating system on each laptop; and then I had to start updating the operating system on each laptop, while trying to install a few programs.

I set up JC’s log-in information on the laptop on the left side so that I could transfer some files from JC’s laptop but when I tried the same thing on the laptop on the right side, I had forgotten JC’s password, and so I had to guess the password again; which only took me a few seconds, and then I got that laptop setup successfully as well.

JC came into the room from the outside & I could see that it was during the day when he opened the door since the blinds had been closed which prevented me from knowing the time of day and I told him about what I had done so far, and about what I was doing now; and then he got on his laptop, while I was still talking to him.

JC was probably a bit surprised that I was able to guess his password again and he was glad that his laptop was fixed, but I think that JC did not talk much and he probably looked a bit depressed or something was not right about how he was acting; but I woke up.

Dream 2

The second main dream is the most interesting dream from last night, but I forgot most of it unfortunately. 😦

It had something to do with a plot/plan to murder the Montague Family, yes the family of Romeo, but it was during our modern time like the William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet film from the 1990s except in the 2000s.

I have no idea why there was a plan to murder the Montague Family or who all were part of the plot/plan to murder the Montague Family, but I do know that some of my families, some other people I know, and I were part of it.

My guess it that another family or families or maybe even one or more of my families, maybe the Capulets being one of them, had been attacked by the Montague Family once and/or were at war with them; and so maybe one or more of the families decided to have the Montague Family taken out, and some people from each family were chosen to be part of the Kill Team (Kill Team Six? Hehehe 😀 ).

This plot/plan was serious and we had military/intelligence agency level technology/equipment to carry out our mission, a strike team, a spy team, a clean up team, et cetera; and the plot/plan had layers of planning and preparation.

For some reason it seemed that my group, which was mostly members of my families and other people I know, were leading the operation; like the other families did not want to be too directly involved so that they could deal with the cover up and like they were using my families as their weapon/tool to take out the Montague Family, but their families did give the support teams whose job was to help with the murdering if needed/to clean up/preventing anyone from escaping the Montague Mansion/preventing anyone from helping the Montague Family/et cetera.

I was with the small main team leading the operation and we had almost everything set up for the operation such as real-time intelligence data from the outside & some of inside of the Montague Mansion using our military/intelligence agency level technology/equipment so we had video & audio in real-time, the police probably were bribed or something to stay out-of-the-way, maybe the neighborhood was cleared out by sending them on a free vacation or something, we had floor plans of the mansion, we could block communication inside & outside of the mansion if we wanted to, we could turn off the electricity for the mansion if we wanted to, we got some recent intelligence from someone who worked in the mansion, we bribed some guards at the mansion to not go to work, et cetera.

I went to the mansion to spy on the inside & outside of the mansion in areas that we could not see or hear with our equipment, and I was the one who was to give the signal to begin the operation; I wanted to make sure that we had the best data possible for our mission to be a success, and I wanted to personally check things for myself to better adjust our attack plans.

I am not sure if I sneaked into the mansion or if the Montague Family somehow knew me and let me in, either way, I do remember sneaking around the inside and outside of the mansion at some point while communicating with headquarters with new intelligence & attack plans; the headquarters team was also part of my team & they helped handled the entire operation from a secure location, they went over our intelligence & communications, and they kept an eye on the entire area for anyone that might interfere (like the police, military, reinforcements, et cetera) and/or try to escape.

All teams were waiting on my order to begin the operation (they had body armor, automatic weapons with suppressors, communication & spying equipment, et cetera), I think that a possible simple overview of our plan went something like this (it was more complicated and detailed than this, and I could be wrong on some parts):

“My lead team would sneak into the mansion with me while the support teams cover the outside of the mansion & surround it, my lead team would quietly take out the few guards in the mansion, we would let some of the support team into the mansion & try to seal the doors, we would spread out & start killing the Montague Family, if any of the Montague Family went outside they would be shot by snipers and/or the rest of the support teams who surrounded the mansion, after killing the Montague Family we would unseal the doors so that the clean up team could work, we would keep the area blocked off from anyone until everything is cleaned up, and then we would leave.”

The Montague Mansion did not have many guards, thanks to our pre-operations, as I explored/spied on the inside & outside of the mansion; and I remember seeing Mr. & Mrs. Montague, and various other members of their family but I can not remember the details of this part of the dream unfortunately.

I do remember that Romeo was probably not even a teenager yet, surprisingly, and something that I saw while watching/spying on him helped save his family; I think that I had given the order for the operation to begin during a part in the dream where I was hiding in the back yard of the mansion near a dock next to the sea, it was night or early morning during this part.

The guard patrols were in other parts of the mansion so my team would be able to sneak into the mansion without being seen, one of the support teams could arrive by boats to the dock to prevent anyone from escaping by water & the other support teams could get in position around the other sides of the mansion, and so this was a great time for the operation to begin.

While I was waiting for my team to arrive, young Romeo came outside in the back yard to play and think to himself when none of the guards were around, and I over-heard him talking; but I am not sure what he said or did, but it was connected with something that I saw earlier during one of the parts of the dream that I can not remember really.

I think that Romeo wanted to play and/or talk with Juliet, who was not there but there was a talk with his parent’s about it, but his parent’s were refusing him to play or talk with Juliet or her family; and they were telling him about other families that he could not associate with.

Romeo did not agree with the family divisions and he wanted it to end, even though he was still a kid, and so there was a debate & argument with his parent’s.

Romeo looked like my former classmate BH when we were in elementary school, thin with whitish colored skin and a bowl style haircut with dirty blond colored hair. 😀

After the argument Romeo either talked with several people about his feelings and/or he called Juliet when no one was around and/or he thought out-loud to himself, something he did and/or said made me want to stop the operation, but I started the operation anyway when I saw that all the guard posts would be empty for a few minutes; but when Romeo came outside, something he did and/or said again, made me think about canceling the operation again.

I think that Romeo gave me hope that his generation and maybe a few other members of the Montague family could one day end the feud(s)/division(s), and that not all of them or any of them deserved to be murdered/killed; but my team had already arrived inside of the mansion and they were preparing to seal the doors, and then quietly kill the guards.

Communications in & around the mansion were now blocked by my team, and so I had to give a hand signal & verbal confirmation to end the operation to one of the members of my team who saw me in the backyard of the mansion from a window; and then communications were un-blocked, and I let headquarters know to tell all support teams to abort the operation.

My team and headquarters were shocked and confused, it was a perfect time to begin the operation, but I told them that I would explain it later; and I had to yell to get them to follow my orders, but they did.

The support teams turned around before they reached their positions, and headquarters started closing the operation on their end.

My team and I awkwardly sneaked from inside and outside of the mansion without being seen, and we joined up to talk as we returned to headquarters; but I woke up.

My last dream is very unclear and confusing, but I think that I found a strange large light brownish/tanish colored & multi-colored partly cracked ancient egg; but I have no idea where I was or any of the other details really.

I remember bringing it somewhere to show it to some of my indirect family members and other people who I know, and we tried to figure out what it was and who should we report the egg-like object to.

Some felt that it was an egg that would hatch strange insect-like creatures that would kill us, some felt that it was an old dinosaur egg, some felt that it was not an egg at all, and there were various other guesses about what it was.

The egg-like object had a long vertical crack on it and you could see a yellowish/goldish yoke-like fluid/liquid or object inside, but I can not remember the other details.

I just remember trying to figure out who to report it to, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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