3-27-2012 | Dream Fragments | Something Is Not Right

Human blood magnified 600 times
Human blood magnified 600 times (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My last dream was a bit strange/crazy/scary and I am not sure how I transitioned from the dream before it, I just remember that the dream before it took place during the night in & near my parent‘s yard, and my brother CC and some of his classmates were hanging out outside late during the night after a party or dance or something like that.

CC and some of his friends/classmates were hanging out next to some automobiles on the left of our parent’s yard near where the red house used to be, and on the right side of my parent’s yard under the tree next to our aunt JE’s house is where the rest of CC’s classmates were hanging out.

I was outside in our parent’s yard for some reason and at some point some of CC’s classmates on the right side of the yard asked me to give CC a message, and so I went to the left side of the yard to give CC their message; there was more to this dream, but I can not remember the details.