Róisín Murphy + Acid = ?

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Dream 1

I remember part of several dreams from last night but I forgot one of the dream fragments, the first dream fragment took place in D during the day near a slightly fictional area near my grandfather’s house, and I was in this slightly fictional area for some unknown reason.

I was standing outside my grandfather’s fence near the garden next to the G house where my cousin CE, several other people, and a man who often walks through our neighborhood were; and where Mrs. R’s house should be was a dock-like area, and Róisín Murphy was practicing for a concert there along with some other people & probably her manager or someone like that.

I remember talking to my cousin CE and the man (he lives in our neighborhood) who often walking through our neighborhood (Mrs. MM’s son), and the man seemed to be in need of money/work like me; and he told me about some of his methods to make some money/work, one of which was a transportation service where he would pull you by hand around on a wooden board-like thing that had no wheels or anything. 😀

It literally was a long piece of wood that you would sit on and he would have to drag you around by pulling the long piece of wood, he is a thin small man & the process is already slow & inefficient, and so it would take forever to get anywhere and/or it would be impossible for him to pull you if you were too heavy. 😀

The man also did small yard work and repairs jobs when he had a chance, I felt sorry for him since I am in a similar situation & I know what it is like, and so I decided to pay him to pull me somewhere on his wooden board taxi even though I had my automobile there with me; but first I wanted to go see Mrs. Murphy practicing for her concert.

Mrs. Murphy was practicing her singing, dancing, checking the sound, et cetera; and then she took a break, and somehow we ended up talking.

At some point I offered her a tour around town and/or to go exploring and/or to go get something to eat & drink and/or something like that; and she agreed, and so I walked over to the man to let him know that we were going to use his wooden board taxi service for the trip & I paid him.

He said okay and supposedly started preparing the wooden board taxi, Mrs. Murphy and I continued talking while we waited, but the man seemed to be mostly smoking and/or drinking and/or talking to someone instead of preparing his wooden board taxi; and so at some point Mrs. Murphy decided to start back practicing until the wooden board taxi was ready, and so she walked back to the dock-like area.

I reminded the man a few times about preparing the taxi but he still failed to try to get it ready, and so I told him to keep the money; and that I would just drive Mrs. Murphy and me/I in my automobile instead.

I went over to the dock-like area to talk to Mrs. Murphy and I think that her manager or someone stopped me to talk to for a moment, but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 2

The second dream was positive but I can not remember it.

The third dream was not positive, I was watching the news on TV, and there was a story about a family (The McDonalds or Mc(Somethings) or something like that) who were attacked in a cinema or theater by a man; and the man escaped, and the police were still looking for the man.

The family had many young kids, one of those large families who probably were on the news since the wife had so many kids at one time, and so they were already somewhat known by the public; most of the kids were little girls with whitish colored skin with blondish/brownish colored hair, and all the kids were still young & cute little kids.

The father had whitish colored skin with short brownish colored hair and the wife had whitish colored skin with medium-long blondish colored hair, and they seemed like a nice family.

There was video of the attack, the family was clearly targeted by the man, they were sitting in the cinema or theater; and suddenly a man came up near them yelling something like: “The kids must die! (or something like that)”, and then he threw some acid on the family, mostly on the kids and in their faces, and he ran.

There were screams of pain and you could see some of the skin/muscles melting & maybe even smoking a bit, it was terrible, and a few people/kids died in the attack; and the rest were seriously injured or had some injuries or were in critical condition.

The police knew who the attacker was, a somewhat rich man who had seemed like a stable member of society, but after searching his hideout (which he probably wanted the police to find, I think that he was playing around with the police, like a crazy/violent Joker-like character/villain) they found that he had hidden his true nature for years.

The attacker was a somewhat rich man with a good job, he had a beautiful girlfriend, he was an active member of his church, he had friends who were respected members of the community, and he was a somewhat respected member of the community.

His hideout showed that he had covered up his true nature for years and he had grown tired of pretending, he was good at hiding his true nature, and his journals showed that he was ready to let his true nature out/free; and he purposely targeted the family, and he probably had many other bad things that he wanted to do.

The attacker clearly had a plan and he was clearly a threat to the community, and so the police were working hard to find him; because they knew he would commit more terrible crimes if he was not caught.

But the attacker had planned things out well and he had a system in place to help him avoid being caught & to continue randomly committing crimes, and so the police expected a long search; and they warned the community to be on guard, and to not approach the attacker if spotted.

The news report continued, I remember telling someone in the room with me how terrible that acid attack was & it really bothered me, and I felt like doing something to help find the attacker; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


4-29-2012 | ? Saturday | Dream Fragments | Traveling | Old Dream Fragments

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I barely remember part of one dream from last night where I was traveling on a road during the day, and I crossed over a bridge/road on a hill like a road in LC; and I stopped at some point, and I was outside with three women and some other unknown people.

One woman looked like VTD, the second woman looked like NT from the film Inside Man, and I forgot what the third woman looked like & who the other people were; but I know that we were talking/debating something/about something, and things got a bit sexual.

That is all that I can remember of that dream.

I am not sure if I have typed about this before but I remember part of a dream from when I was a kid and a dream theme from when I was a kid.


The Revenge (Hit) List

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I decided that I better type my partial dream fragment to help stop my failing dream recall before it gets worse. 😀

I barely remember part of one dream where a woman who had been kidnapped, tortured, rapped, beaten, humiliated, striped, et cetera but survived; decided to make a revenge (hit) list listing all the people who she wanted to get revenge on, and how she was going to get her revenge on each person & she might have even blogged some of her revenge list.

I am not sure if I was in the dream or not, but I remember thinking and/or saying that was not a good idea to blog about your revenge list and to blog about how you killed/murdered the people on the revenge list.

I felt bad for the woman, who had suffered a variety of horrible things repeatedly over various periods of time (she had these things happened to her more than once and by more than one person, it was like sometimes she would be targeted for various horrible things on different days), but I did not think that her trying to get revenge was the right thing to do.

I can not remember what the woman looked like or who she was, but I do know that her list contained a surprising list of people, some of whom were doctors, scientists, maybe police/intelligence agents, gang/mob members, politicians, and few other people with jobs that would surprise some people; their jobs seemed to fit together in a sort of conspiracy of people working together to do & cover up these horrible things, maybe that is why she saw revenge as her only option to stop them.

The woman did not just want to kill/murder them, she wanted them to feel/suffer from some of the things that they did to her, and so her revenge list had detailed plans for each person; and I think that she actually killed/murdered several people on the list during the dream, and she might have blogged a bit about one or more of those but maybe she deleted those posts after realizing that it was not a good idea (maybe after hearing what I said or thought, if I was even in the dream, which I am not sure).

I think that some of the people on the revenge list started to worry when they lost contact with some of the people on the list, and some of them began to get afraid/paranoid; which is what the woman wanted, and she would stalk her targets & future targets watching their reactions & patterns & looking for a chance to strike/attack.

She was going to bring the entire list of people down, they were not going to harm her or anyone else again, but that is all that I can remember.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


The Building Complex

I barely remember part of my last dream from last night, which I think started at an interesting building complex that seemed familiar like it has been in one of my past dreams before, and I think that two opposing groups of humans and non-humans were having a conflict / competition over the building complex.

I think that the building complex was a combination of ancient and modern styles, with an above ground ancient castle-like structure on the top of a hill-like bridge area, and with the under structure and underground parts being more modern probably; and I think that the two opposing groups probably reminded me a bit of something from The Chronicles Of Narnia maybe, with a human prince leading one group and a White Witch / Queen Jadis-like female being (entity) leading the other group, but I am not sure.


The Old Building Near N

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I barely remember part of one dream from last night, which took place during the day in D near a fictional area probably where N used to be, this fictional area is sometimes in my dreams & there is usually an old & usually abandoned building there.

I remember my mind going through header images from my blog, which I stayed up late downloading & uploading in real life, and I remember that the fictional old building had people in it who were mostly some of my former classmates; and I remember walking through hallways in the building while thinking about & seeing header images for my blog.

Something happened that I can not remember exactly, something (probably something not natural & ghost-like) was attacking people in & near the building, and I had to make some decisions on how to help some of the people survive; whatever I would decide would cause some people to be saved, and some of the other people would likely die and/or be attacked.

For some reason whatever I would decide, most of the people would follow my suggestion(s), but I can not remember the rest exactly except for people running outside to the alley where I was, while other people ran in a different direction.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂