I remember part of several dream fragments from last night that might have been connected as one dream, and it started in D during the day in my parent’s yard; and I was feeding my brother CC’s dog or something like that.

Later I went to help my mom do something at my aunt JE’s house, I can not remember what I was helping with exactly but we were helping my aunt JE with something as usual, and at some point my aunt JE was there; and I remember her talking about something, maybe a movie or something.

After that I went to a college and/or dorm and/or an apartment building, where I visited several of my former classmates, and we went around doing various things.

At some point I remember talking with my former classmate JC and another former classmate came by, a woman who I forgot her name, and I remember joking to her that JC’s sister JC had taken something of hers or something like that; but the woman thought that I was serious so she got angry, and she started trying to find JC’s sister JC to fight her or something like that.

JC and I tried to explain that I was only joking but the woman would not listen, and so she left to find JC’s sister JC; and we tried to spread the word to JC’s sister and other people to let the woman know that I was only joking, and to be on the look out for the woman since she was probably going to try to fight JC’s sister JC.

JC and I walked near my uncle WC’s house to talk about the situation and to try to find the woman, since she lived on Eastside, but then I saw my cousin ME leaving a fictional apartment on my parent’s street; the apartment was a small apartment building with only three apartment rooms, and I was surprised to see my cousin ME since I did not know that she even lived in L or D.

I had not seen ME in many years and I was surprised that she was living on my parent’s street and that she had not let my parent’s, indirect family, or my grandfather know that she was living near us & she had not visited anyone; well not that surprised since she is like that in real life, but surprised that she was living on the street without us noticing until now.

ME was walking up the street and so I greeted her, she did not look like she really wanted to see me or any of her indirect family, but she briefly stopped to say a few words; but I forgot what we talked about exactly, but I probably asked her questions about how long she had lived near us & some other questions.

Something happened but I can not remember what happened, and then I remember being at a fictional version of a school in D where some of my brothers went to school & my dad was working there; and I remember going around the school with my dad, and I had memories of this school that seemed realistic, even now that I am awake, so maybe those were old dream memories of past dreams that I have forgotten.

We probably visited a few people at the school and visited various areas from my old memories of having went to school there as a kid, and there was one place and person that stood out from the others; and I had deeper memories of this place and person, I had realistic memories from various time periods of this place & person, so realistic that they still seem real now in some ways.

In my memories I think that this person even aged over my various memories of him and this place, and his name was Hagaman (I am not sure how you spell it, since I do not know anyone by this name in real life); and he worked in a special Christmas area of the school. (I am surprised that I knew and remembered his name, that is very rare for me to remember fictional dream characters/dream characters not based on people who I know names like that)

There was a small almost gym-like building with a tall ceiling that Hagaman worked in and his job seemed to be to get & wrap Christmas gifts for all the students & employees past & present, to make & sent personalized Christmas cards for all students & employees past & present, to always have Christmas candies & other Christmas food & drinks & things to give to people who visit him, to always have Christmas decorations & Christmas things around his work area, to give people a tour & history of his work area & maybe of the school & maybe of Christmas (I am not sure about this one), and more.

I think that it was all Christmas themed but it could have been just Winter Solstice themed, either way, it seemed that was all that Hagaman did all year; I wondered how could that be his only job, but then I realized that he seemed to know every student & employee past & present, and he seemed to put a lot of work & detail into his job.

Hagaman had whitish colored skin with grayish/whitish colored hair and he wore tan-colored pants with a long-sleeved dress shirt with a sweater vest over it and he was thin or average in size, and he reminded me of Mr. Rogers (Fred Rogers) a bit with a loving/caring personality that was a bit strange when compared to the average Human; I do not know any man in real life like Hagaman exactly, so he was a unique dream character even compared to other dream characters.

Hagaman greeted my dad and I, he knew who we were even though I had not seen him since I was a kid, and he offered us some red licorice which he had wrapped in white envelope-like paper to offer to visitors and some organish colored drink which he had in cups stacked together neatly to offer to visitors as well.

I took some of the red liquorice but not the drink but my dad took both, and I was actually able to taste the red liquorice; and it tasted nice & sweet & good, and I do not like liquorice in real life.

Hagaman told me that he had some of my gifts, cards, candies from the last two years that were not picked up or delivered to me; and so he gave them to me, which surprised me, and I tried to remember if I had any memories of receiving anything each year from Hagaman before the last two years.

I remembered that I had not received anything the last two years, but I could not remember the years before that exactly, probably; but I stopped thinking about that and we talked to Hagaman about old memories, and he showed us some of his decorations.

He had life-sized statues and/or robotic figures along with his other decorations, I can not remember what they looked like, and he had some other things to make the area more interactive where kids could play on some playground-like equipment when they visited; and he probably had music, weather effects/affects, and maybe a train ride.

I noticed that Hagaman’s work desk area had things that he was working on for each student and employee past & present for this year, and I was amazed how he was personalizing things for each person; which would be thousands of people; and I wondered how one man could do that by himself and how could one man remember thousands of people like that.

A family and their kids came in while we were visiting Hagaman, and so he stopped to greet them as well; so my dad and I thanked Hagaman & told him goodbye, as we explored his building a bit while still talking about old memories.

I wondered how old was Hagaman since I had memories of him from various years and my dad knew him for many years, and he always had the same job; and I wondered how did he get the job and keep the job for so many years, and he seemed like a unique person & I could not imagine him ever leaving his building.

I could not answer some of my own questions as my dad and I left Hagaman’s building, but I was able to remember various memories and to think of various questions that I had; but I woke up as I was still thinking about all of this and talking with my dad.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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