4-5-2012 | Dream Fragments | Semi-False Awakenings

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I forgot most of my dreams from last night due to five or more semi-false awakenings and/or semi-dreams and/or deep daydreams, but I managed to remember a few dream fragments surprisingly.

I woke up and started trying to remember my dreams and I thought that I was typing them, but I was really awake in bed and/or partly awake in bed having a semi-false awakening  and/or semi-dream and/or a deep daydream of me remembering my dreams & typing them, and this happened over five time; and so I forgot most the details of my dreams during this series of thinking that I was typing or had already typed my dreams.

One dream fragment involved a woman who looked like Mother (the head vampire) from the TV show Being Human (US), and she offered me a position in The Family (who might have been Humans or vampires or something else, I am not sure) and/or I was a member of The Family and/or I was to become a member of The Family; and I think that I was even going to possible get the chance to lead on of the cities, but I can not remember the details except that our meetings were at an unknown location that reminded me of the hotel from in the TV show Being Human (US).

I was to go through some tests and/or rituals and/or celebrations or something like that to be officially recognized as a member of The Family, but I was not sure about becoming a member and/or about leading a city; and so I wanted some time to think about it, and I remember leaving after several meetings with Mother and other members of The Family.

I can not remember my other dreams or dream fragments except one where I went to my parent’s house during the day, I forgot most of the details of what happened, but I think that I remember thinking about and trying to decide about joining The Family or not; but groups of high school and college students began coming over to my parent’s house to party, constantly during the dream, more and more students from D & other cities.

At first we allowed the students to party, we did not know most of them, but eventually the crowds got too large and annoying, and so we started to nicely tell them to leave; but then they started partying in the yard, but we allowed them to party for a bit longer.

Eventually they over-stayed their welcome, and we asked them nicely to leave the yard; but they started to party in the field outside of the yard, which was not a problem to us, as long as they partied safely and cleaned up behind themselves.

Groups of students continued to arrived but our gates & house were/was locked to keep them out, and so I would tell them that some of the students were partying in the field; and I told them to be safe, clean up behind themselves, and that they would be partying at their own risk since someone in the neighborhood might call the police on them eventually.

There was more to this dream and the others, but I can not remember.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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