A Flea Market

I remember part of my last dream which I think took place in D during the day, at the flea market-like place near where the G Store used to be, and maybe one of my brothers and I went to look at the flea market-like place.

We looked at some of the stuff on the outside and in the garage area, but we did not see anyone yet to our surprise; and then we went inside, which looked much nicer than the outside to our surprise, but it was a bit dark.

Inside were one or two women who worked in the flea market-like place, we greeted them, and then we looked around.

I remember seeing a variety of old antiques and things that were for sale, I took my time looking around, and at some point I found something interesting that had something to do with a woman with reddish or orangish colored hair but I can not remember what it was; but I continued looking around, and when I returned to that spot, I could not find the item.

I continued looking around for the item and looking at other things, a few other people came to look around the place, and I remember finding some of video & audio recordings of a track & field Olympic-like competition with interviews afterward; a woman in the competition who had reddish colored hair was interviewed, years later after the competition, and she talked about the competition & her life after the competition.

The time period seemed to be between the 1960s – 1970s maybe, and the woman talked about her attempts to start a singing career after her track & field days; and she talked about how the record producers and others were not ready for her type of music or for a woman.

They played some clips of some of her songs, which sounded pretty good & ahead of their time to my surprise, and the woman talked of how those songs were never released; and how she was still a bit bitter about it today, and how she probably felt that she was owed an apology and/or money since her career & songs were never really released and/or were cancelled by the music studio(s).

The woman talked about other things in her life, but I can not remember the rest; and after watching & listening to some of the old video & audio recordings, I continued to look around for the item that I was looking for.

I might have found a few other items but I do not remember finding the item that I was looking for, I think that I went to ask one of the women about it, but I woke up.

I also remember that I had a dream where I found a small dog outside during the day that looked like a Chihuahua or a Chihuahua mix, I remember wanting to keep it, if I could not find the owner(s); but that is all that I can remember.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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