School Dreams With Civil War Comedy

Ironclads: American Civil War
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Lazy Overview:

I had several dreams that were school related, starting with me being younger again and I was in school with many of my former classmates, and the dreams were about normal school stuff.

I remember my former classmate BH being one of the many classmates who I saw & talked to, and I remember trying to choose a desk when we went to a new class; all the dreams probably involved a new school year that was just starting, so each dream probably had everyone introducing themselves and trying to adjust to a new class, teacher, and classmates.

There was more to the early dreams but I can not remember the details, and my later dreams took place in college where I was starting a new college semester; and part of these dreams had two men from the American Civil War who were probably from the Confederate/Southern Military, and they were background characters who were at war with the Northern Military, and they brought a bit of comedic relief to the dreams.

The two Southern soldiers were probably all that was left of their unit and so they were sneaking around trying to avoid the Northern military or something like that, they both had revolvers, and I would sometimes see them sneaking around as I went around the college to various classes; the two soldiers did not fit the time period of the dream, so they stood out, but other dream characters seemed to ignore them mostly.

The two soldiers had Southern accents, their clothes were a bit dirty, and they both were a bit goofy; and they would argue and do stupid/funny things while they tried to sneak around.

The college in the dream was a different college from most of my dreams, and one of my classes took place in a huge classroom that held many people; and it was probably the biggest classroom that I have ever seen, in real life or in dreams.

The huge classroom had auditorium style seating and probably one thousand students or more, it was huge, so huge that I was afraid to walk down from the top to go talk to the teacher because I was afraid of falling & dying and/or about having to walk back up the many steps; the classroom was like a modern remake of a Greek/Roman Colosseum built to help sound travel around the room so that everyone could hear better.

The entrance was at the top and the stage/teaching area was at the very bottom, so you had to look down to see the teacher and/or you could look at a huge screen that the teacher could project things on; there was more to this dream, but I can not remember most of the details.

I remember wondering if I had seven or more classes a day & if I could handle that many classes, and I wondered if I could even afford to attend this college; and I remember wanting to go get information about that so that I could make a decision.

At some point while walking to do that, I crossed paths again with the Southern soldiers, and at some point I somewhat became one of them; and we sneaked to an area that looked like the inside of my grandfather’s house, and we thought that some Northern soldiers were outside & that they knew that we were inside.

We panicked and started preparing for combat while arguing & making goofy/funny mistakes, I sneaked through a hallway and I saw a woman holding something that I thought was a gun, and so I ran to warn the other soldier that an armed woman with the Northern soldiers was inside; and we heard several other women in the house.

We both panicked and we glanced out of the window thinking that Northern soldiers had us surrounded, we were afraid, and then one of the women approached us by surprise; we jumped in fear, we pointed our guns at her but I think that we were out of bullets, and the woman was holding what we thought was a gun.

I actually, I think that I was not the soldier until this part, then I realized that the woman had a cordless phone in her hand; I knew what that was, but the two soldiers did not know, since they were from an older time period. 😀

I told the other soldiers that the woman did not have a gun, she had a phone, and I asked the woman if she worked for the Northern military; and she did not, and she did not know what we were talking about.

I looked out of the window and I think that I saw students walking outside, not Northern soldiers, and so it seemed that the Southern soldiers were wrong the entire dream(s); the Civil War was over many years ago, they seemed to have somehow been teleported to another time period after the war. 😀

I tried to explain this to the other soldier, since I was probably one of the soldiers now, somehow; I remember laughing, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂