Cooking Some Cornbread

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

I remember part of my last dream from last night, which seemed to take place during the night or the evening at a fictional version of my parent’s house, and I think that the dream started outside & that it involved some running but I am not sure.

I remember going inside the house at some point and the inside of the house looked very different from in real life and there was a second floor, and I remember that a text message from my former classmate JC was sent to a caller ID-like thing in a fish tank in the first room near the door.

I found this to be odd & confusing but not odd enough to realize that I was dreaming, and I remember trying to figure out what JC’s number was so that I could call him back & I tried to figure out how was it possible for him to send a text message to a fish tank. 😀

I can not remember if I was able to find JC’s number or not, but I remember looking for it; and I did something else that I can not remember.

At some point my mom called from my grandfather’s house and she said that my uncle ME had come to visit my grandfather, and so I walked to my grandfather’s house to greet him.

Inside of the house watching a basketball game on TV was my grandfather, my mom, my cousin ME, my uncle CE, and my uncle ME; and I greeted them and shook their hands.

I was not sure if my uncle CE was mad at me or not about something that happened recently in the real world, but he told me to look at the TV, and they were showing an instant replay of a dunk that one of the basketball players did; and it was an amazing and powerful backward/behind the back dunk, which caused the crowd to go wild with cheers.

Everyone seemed to be enjoying the basketball game, and so I sat down to talk with them & enjoy the game for a few minutes; and later I walked back home.

I started cooking some cornbread in a metal football shaped pan, and while the cornbread was cooking I remember several dream scenes.

One dream scene involved Trayvon Martin parent’s going back & forth from court in their trial against George Zimmerman, but I have no idea how the trial was going, I would only see them leaving the courthouse each day.

Another dream scene involved me and someone else being in the Fallout 3 video game, and we both had hunting rifles in a two-story house; and we were fighting our way through Super Mutants who were in the building.

I remember using some of the weapons that the dead Super Mutants would drop after we killed them, but each of their weapons did not have much ammunition, so we ran out of ammunition for their guns; and we had to keep using our hunting rifles.

The Super Mutants were tough, but somehow we were doing pretty good staying alive.

I think that there might have been one other dream scene but I am not sure, I just know that these dream scenes were like daydreams, and I would return to watching my cornbread cook after each daydream ended.

At some point the cornbread was finished and so I cut it & I tasted it (I was able to taste it, which is a bit rare in my dreams), and the texture was right (unlike when I try in real life usually) & it was not too buttery & it was not too sweet; it was probably my best attempt at making cornbread yet. 😀

For some strange reason the left side of the metal pan would disintegrate each time that I touched it, like acid or something was melting it or something, and so I tried to avoid touching the left side of the metal pan.

A fly was flying near my cornbread and I killed it but if fell in the middle of the cornbread pan, fortunately it fell in an open area without touching the cornbread, and so I turned the pan upside down to get the dead fly out.

My brother CC came to get some cornbread and he touched the left side of the metal pan, and it started to disintegrate a bit again; and so I told him not to touch that side of the metal pan, because it was disintegrating for some strange reason.

I then went to find another container to put the cornbread in, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr