4-16-2012 | Dream Fragments | The Creators Or Creators?

The Best Science Fiction of the Year 9
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I barely remember some of my dream fragments from last night which all seemed to be connected, and a fictional science fiction TV show appeared in most of the dreams.

I had three dream fragments that were about three things, but I only remember that two of the things involved a presentation/or something like that would be used with the second thing to create a distraction/or something like that; but that is all that I can remember, and these three things appeared in some of my later dreams.

My other dream fragments involved me watching a fictional science fiction TV show on TV at a fictional apartment-like place near CC & City Hall in D, and this TV show followed a female and a male character I think who seemed to live in a somewhat futuristic place; and something was different about the World that I can not remember, I am not sure if it was aliens or what it was, but something was different.