A Reality TV Show At A Hospital

I forgot most of my dreams from last night but I know that I had several dreams, but I was sleeping too good/well/deeply and I forgot all of them except part of my last dream; which took place in a hospital during the day.

I was with several people but I can not remember the beginning of the dream, I just remember going to the break room on one of the upper floors, and the break room had two or three areas; one area was where you would heat/cook your food/it had a refrigerator/it had a coffee machine /& it had a small sitting area, the second area had windows with beautiful Saturday-like light coming from outside & you could see the area outside the hospital & this room had a lot of tables where people could eat/drink/talk/et cetera, and if there was a third area it was probably a small storage room.

In the second area from the windows I could see some of the parking lot, the neighborhood near the parking lot, trees, the sky, et cetera; it was nice outside like a beautiful Saturday.

I was going to enjoy the view, some food, some drink, do some thinking, and visit with the other people with me; but then a group of three women & a few other people & camera people came in the break room making a lot of noise & making a big scene.

The three women had whitish colored skin with blondish colored hair & one woman was obese wearing a tight tube top shirt or whatever it is called, another woman was over-weight wearing a tight slightly less revealing shirt, and the last woman was average sized wearing a less revealing shirt than the other two women.

They appeared to be part of a reality TV show that was being filmed and for some unknown reason they were at the hospital and so the cameras were recording everything they said & did, which was annoying, and so I kept moving around to avoid the cameras.

The three women and the people with them went to the second area with the tables and they made a lot of noise trying to show off to the cameras, they were annoying & loud, and they were ruining the moment.

They kept trying to compete with each other by saying how great their boyfriends were and how much their boyfriends did for them, they were very competitive, and they went on & on with this competition against each other; it was annoying, loud, but slightly entertaining/funny but mostly annoying.

I just wanted to enjoy the view and do some thinking mostly, but I could not do that with them around, and so I kept walking in the first area & outside of the break room trying to avoid the cameras & the annoyances; hoping that they would hurry & leave.

Unfortunately, the women and the other people did not seem like they were going to leave soon, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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