The Death Of Humanity? | The Super Villain | The Charlotte Gainsbourg Movie Performance

Wow! Last night I had a few interesting dreams and one of them was very deep & emotional & it was like being in a great movie, but due to the deepness of the dream & the details of my other dreams, I forgot some of the most important & interesting parts of my dreams. 😦

Dream 1

The first dream that I can remember started like a video game where I think that I was either supposed to kill or protect a royal and/or royal family that was having a celebration outside during the day; and the town was celebrating as well, but they were not allowed at the private area where the royals & the VIPs were celebrating outside, but they celebrated near that area.

It was like being at a festival or parade almost with people walking around, talking, eating, drinking, playing games, music, riding rides(?), et cetera.

I probably had a weapon hidden on me as I sneaked around trying to reach the area where the royals & the VIPs were, there might have been other people competing with me to either kill or protect the royal or royal family but I am not sure, and at some point I found the area where the royals & VIPs were.

There were a few throne chairs setup for the royals and nice seating for the rest of the VIPs with a lot of food & drinks on their tables, and some of the royals (maybe the King & Queen & their family) were standing to give a speech & toast as I moved in to either kill one or more of them or protect them; but I noticed a witch-like woman/elf?/being? dressed in a dark robe like a necromancer or something, and she ran not far from me & she yelled something (maybe a spell or something in an unknown language) & she summoned a giant spider-like creäture to attack the royals & VIPs and/or everyone.

The giant spider-like creäture started killing all the royals & VIPs, but then it started to kill everyone, it was pure chaos; and the giant spider-like creäture almost killed me, but I managed to escape barely when it got distracted by another person & it killed them instead.

I am not sure where the witch-like woman/being went, but I ran for my life, and at some point one man & I were the only two Humans left alive as far as we knew.

Then somehow the giant spider-like creäture either changed into two new creatures or two new creatures appeared, and they evolved during the dream into smarter more Human-like beings who tried to kill us last two Humans; I think that they were supposed to be the species to replace Humans, and so they were going to kill every Human on the planet for some reason & continue where our species left off.

The only other Human, a man, and I ran to a yard that looked like my grandfather’s yard; but the man stopped outside of the fence (maybe he was hurt or he wanted to fight the two beings), but I jumped the fence (I was afraid but I stopped to consider helping the man fight the two beings).

I had a knife and a pair of long scissors hidden on me, and so I threw the knife or the scissors to the man so that he could defend himself as one of the creatures approached (at this point they were not Human-like yet, the one approaching him was in a thick alligator/reptilian-like form at this point); and the man stabbed the reptilian-like creäture near the eye, but then it stood up like a Human & it started to evolve/change again become a bit more Human-like (each change seemed to become a bit more Human-like) now it was like a thick walking on two feet reptilian-like creäture.

I then threw the man my last weapon but it did not work either and so he jumped the fence like I did, and we ran toward the house; and I started trying to climb my grandfather’s house as one of the creatures probably attacked the man while the other creäture chased me, and the creäture chasing me was now in a large muscular Human-like form that reminded me Somewhat (not exactly, but this is the only comparison that I can think of now) of Recoome from the Ginyu Force on Dragon Ball Z (but scary & dangerous & not funny at all & without the suit).

I was afraid for my life and I felt that we could not defeat the creatures, that Humanity was doomed/would be destroyed and this was the end for our species & that I who was maybe the last Human who was about to be killed by our species replacements, rapidly evolving beings?

The creäture was able to easily jump to where I was climbing on my grandfather’s house, I was climbing in a panic afraid for my life with thoughts running through my head on how this new species was able to defeat us so easily & I hoped that they would at least take better care of the planet/each other/other living things than us Humans did, as the creäture grabbed my leg & I tried to kick my leg free.

I think that I managed to kick my leg free and I jumped down to the ground to prepare to die on my own terms: outside, standing, thinking my last thoughts, saying my last words (to myself and to the creatures, I gave them advice on what to do & what not to from what I had learned from my species/personal experiences, and I probably prepared for my last fight); but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 2

I barely remember the important parts of the second dream fragment where I was with some super heroes such as: Superman, Wonder Woman, Spider-Man, and a few others; and they were called to a meeting outside somewhere by another superhero, and so we arrived at the meeting place.

I have no idea why I was there but before I could reach the walkway where the meeting was, Spider-Man’s body peeled to reveal a super villain who was pretending to be Spider-Man, he looked somewhat like a villain version of Captain Planet who had the power to pretend to be other people & maybe he could even make clones of people & he was super tough/powerful; and the super heroes thought that they had trapped him/defeated him to where he was trapped in a fake super hero form (where he could not peel to his real form, which would force him to be a fake version of whatever super hero he was pretending to be, so he would act/sound/look like them instead of being his normal super villain self).

He was so powerful that the small group of super heroes knew that they could not defeat him alone, and so I ran to get help & I called Batman to tell him about the situation & where the battle was & I told him to start gathering all the super heroes that he could to help fight the super villain; during the battle the super villain might have used a clone Spider-Man to confuse the super heroes even more during the battle.

After talking to Batman, I think that I ran to the road near the A Plant during the night or early morning, but I am not sure if this is a new dream or the same dream; but I remember coming across a kid or two kids, probably a brother & sister.

The sister was a teenager or almost a teenager and her brother was younger, they both had whitish colored skin, and the sister had blondish colored hair & the brother had brownish colored hair; and they wanted me to help them find their parent’s or something, the most important parts are missing from this dream, unfortunately.

Dream 3

This dream or part of the dream was more movie-like where the brother & sister told me their story, I saw flashbacks of some of their memories, I felt some of their emotions, I heard & saw some of their thoughts, et cetera; this dream was pretty deep, emotional, movie-like, and it covered themes such as family, marriage, parenting, et cetera.

Their parent’s were separated or divorced & distant from each other & their kids, and the kids had grown distant from their parent’s, and I think that they wanted to improve their relationship with their parent’s; but they wanted help with that, and so I went to find their mom, who was the actress Charlotte Gainsbourg.

I found Mrs. Gainsbourg & I gave her the message from her kids and we went to the area on the side of the road near the A Plant to talk with her kids, but something happened or had happened, and I think that the sister was on the ground unconscious; and some other people where there along with the brother.

Mrs. Gainsbourg became emotional and there was some amazing dialogue between Mrs. Gainsbourg, her son, and I; it was like a great movie with good dialogue, Mrs. Gainsbourg gave an amazing performance with her emotions/words/facial expressions/body language/et cetera, and she told me her story.

I got to hear, see, and experience some of the memories/thoughts/et cetera that Mrs. Gainsbourg & her kids had shared with me about their past; and I got to see how this situation was bringing them closer, and they wanted to improve their family’s relationship, marriage, parenting, et cetera.

Mrs. Gainsbourg wanted to find her husband, who was named John like me, but she did not know where he was; and so I was going to try to help find him, so he could come be with his family, and so they could work on their relationship(s).

This dream was much deeper & amazing than I can explain or remember, because I literally sometimes went into the minds/dreams/past experiences of some of these dream characters, and I even went into the dream of the probably unconscious daughter; so I went in a dream character’s dream within my dream, and I came back from her dream back to my dream to tell the other dream characters about what I saw!

So the deepness, complexity, amazing details/ good dialogue/emotions/social aspects of this dream/et cetera of this dream makes it hard to remember the best & most important parts, unfortunately. 😦

All that I know is that it was an amazing dream/movie experience, and as I was in the process of trying to find the husband John so that he could join his family, I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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