5-9-2012 | Dream Journal (OP) | A Little Place Like Hell?

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Last night I had some interesting dream fragments but I forgot some of the important parts & I forgot some of the major details of the dream, but I do remember one dream involving either me seeing/remembering/re-living a past event in a house.

There was a hallway with rooms and a stairway that led to another floor/room, something was happening that involved several women & men & maybe me, and they or we ran & hid in one or more of the rooms in the hallway; and they/we eventually escaped up the stairs to another floor/room where they/we sealed the door, but I am not sure what was after them/us or what was going on.

I am not sure if this was a memory of a past dream or if I read this in the dream or if I experienced this in the dream or what exactly, but I know that something like that happened or was remembered/experienced; and later in the dream I was in the hallway trying to find hidden rooms/floors/realms/worlds, and get past the sealed room/floor & probably find out what happened to the people from earlier in the dream.

I think that I had a map or document with information about hidden rooms/floors/realms/worlds, and so it felt a bit like I was on an adventure/treasure hunt or trying to solve a mystery or something; and I felt a bit like a kid again when I used to have dreams of finding hidden rooms/areas in my dreams.

At some point I left the hallway to walk into the rest of the house, which was my grandfather’s house to my surprise, and my aunt BE was there to help my grandfather for the night; and we talked a bit, and she wanted me to give a message or something to my mom so I left to my parent’s house to give my mom the message.

I then returned to my grandfather’s house to explore the hallway and try to enter the sealed room/floor and/or find a hidden room/floor/realm/world, but my cousin DE came to visit I think and/or my aunt BE stopped to talk to me again; I think that I went back into the hallway to explore at some point, but that is all that I can remember.

There is a big gap in my memory like I got knocked unconscious or something, the next thing that I can remember is seeing/hearing/experiencing a story that I think started with a small music concert outside on a nice sunny day in a parking lot or street area, where a rapper with medium-dark brownish colored skin wearing a do-rag & a long basketball jersey with sagging baggy blue jeans was having a concert with his crew/gang; and there was a small crowd dancing/shaking their booties/drinking/having a good time.

The rapper’s girlfriend or wife who was overweight with dark brownish colored skin & long black colored hair wearing super tight spandex-like pants with a tight shirt was in the crowd, and she got into an argument with a woman in the crowd who had whitish colored skin with blond colored hair & probably had blueish/light-colored eyes who worked as a somewhat well paid escort/prostitute; it seemed that the rapper’s wife or girlfriend suspected that the woman was having an affair with the rapper and/or she did not like the way that the woman was looking at the rapper or something, I am not sure.

A verbal fight began that got so bad that a brief physical fight probably started, and the rapper & his crew/gang moved in to deal with the situation & so did two men/rival gang members with whitish colored skin with short hair wearing long basketball jerseys and blue jean pants who knew the other woman who worked as an escort/prostitute; and the fight was quickly broken up, but the rapper & his crew began a confrontation with the two rival gang members who were only trying to help break up the fight.

The two rival gang members did not want trouble but the rapper started shooting his pistol at the two rival gang members, and so they ran to their car & barely escaped.

There was a scene where someone was talking to or interviewing the woman who worked as an escort/prostitute, and then they talked to or interviewed the rapper’s wife or girlfriend.

Then there were scenes of the two rival gang members trying to get the rapper to face them/the rival leader in hand-to-hand combat, but the rapper kept avoiding that & he would use his pistol; and so the two rival gang members kept having to run each time, and so they started stalking the rapper in their automobile waiting for him to be alone one day, but he always traveled with his crew.

There were scenes of the two rival gang members stalking the rapper outside of clubs, restaurants, bars, stores, homes, et cetera; but the rapper always had his crew/gang, and sometimes they would see the two rival gang members stalking them & they would start shooting their pistols at the two rival gang members.

The rapper’s fame grew over time and one day he was hanging out in the living room of his new mansion with his crew, and across the street was/were the two rival gang members in their car spying on/stalking the rapper; the rapper recognized their car and him & his crew started shooting their own windows on the house to shoot at the two rival gang members, and they were shooting store windows near their car & one of the rival gang members got partly shot near his eye but they escaped barely.

Later in other scenes the rival gang member who got shot near the eye had scars on his face but I can not remember the rest, there was another black-out moment/gap in my memory, and later I remember being in a small gym like the second gym at the D Junior High School; there was a variety of men & women sitting in the gym which was empty mostly but there were a few doors probably for bathrooms, storage, et cetera.

I do not remember how I got to the gym and I can not remember the important details, but at some point I found out that the gym was a different realm/world/a hidden place that I guess that I found, and I guess the other people there were people like me who had found this realm/world/hidden place; but all the good & important details are missing from my memory.

At some point I remember that either someone there told me and/or somehow I started to see flashbacks of people being tortured/beaten/rapped(maybe)/and other terrible things mentally/emotionally/physically, this small realm/world was controlled by a being who could change the appearance of the realm & seemed to use fire magic/powers & had other abilities/powers, and the realm/world was like how one would imagine the Christian Hell to be like somewhat.

Many of the people looked mostly broken like victims of years of torture & enslavement, like some of them had been trapped in the realm/world for who knows how long, but I am guessing that the being did not kill its victims but would eternally torture them or something.

Suddenly a woman with whitish colored skin with probably blueish or light-colored eyes with slicked back blondish colored hair wearing a white/cream-colored business suit/outfit entered the gym from the back of the gym somewhere, and two men stood up who seemed to be her minions who might have been the two rival gang members from the dream scenes before this.

The woman looked confident and fully in control, and the people in the gym started to show signs of terror & I think some of them started to make sounds & cries for mercy and/or say: “No! It is happening again! No! Please, No! No more please! Make it stop! Not the change! It is changing again! I can’t take this anymore! et cetera”; and I think that part of the back of the gym started to change to a fire/hell-like place, and the woman approached us newcomers who entered her realm/world.

The woman explained some things and greeted us but I forgot what she said, I think that she told us that we had been in her realm/world long enough for the doors to our realm/world to have sealed, and that we were now trapped; my guess is that the scenes with the two rival gang members were just distractions to waste time so that the doors would seal to trap us newcomers in her realm.

I am also guessing that she made it clear that this was her realm/world and that she could control her realm/world & change it when she wanted and that she was too powerful for us to stop her, but I am not sure.

I just remember being so angered by the looks on the faces of the people there and from the stories that I heard or seen of the horrors that they had to go through in this realm/world, the people there were enslaved & tortured with no escape, and I was not going to give up without a fight to save them & myself.

The woman stood in front of me confident and I stood before her with no fear at first, I looked her directly in the eyes as we talked and as I asked her questions, and I started to ask her questions about some of my suspicions about her; I started to see/guess about some of her illusions/tricks.

I felt that she was not a woman at all but that she was really a male being or a being that could change into any form to trick people, and I felt that the being used the form of a woman to take advantage of some of my weaknesses to distract me a bit longer; and so I said this to the being, and it said that I was correct about it not being a woman, and then it changed into a male being like I expected.

The being did not answer my other questions, it just smiled and/or laughed, it did not want to reveal most of its secrets.

I might have offered a deal to the being, let everyone go except me, and we will fight; and if it wins I will be trapped there & at least it would have me to enslave/fight/torture, but let the other people go, they suffered enough.

The being refused my offer and I nicely asked that it let us go free peacefully, but he refused, and so we started fighting since I was not going to give up without a fight.

I used a fire cloak power/spell to cover me in flames to burn anything that got too close and then I started shooting flames & fireballs at the being who dodged & flew in the air using magic/power body-shields & maybe frost magic/powers, and my attacks did not seem to hurt him.

I tried hand-to-hand combat but the being probably blocked & dodged my attacks and/or they had no real effect/affect on him, and so I decided pretend to give up to give myself time to think up an escape plan; and the being had his minions start checking us newcomers to take anything (weapons, phones, devices, et cetera) that we brought from our realm/world.

While the minions were checking the other newcomers first, I realized that it was odd that the being seemed so worried about us having devices, so I started trying to hide my small MP3 player that had a microphone & speaker in my sock; so that I could record my experiences in this realm/world, but I noticed that my MP3 players speaker/magnet/or something that I had seemed to be preventing the doors from sealing.

The doors were glass and you could see our world/realm from the other side, it looked normal, like you could just walk outside like normal; which you could if the doors were not sealed, and so I ran to the doors to see if they would open.

The doors opened and so I yelled for everyone to run outside since the doors were open, and everyone ran outside for their lives; and the being was very shocked like this had never happened before where all of his victims escaped at one time, and so he ran outside to our realm/world after us.

But as soon as the being stepped into our realm/world he started to burn/get skinny/old/drained/changes in ways that made him almost unrecognizable like our realm/world had a barrier or something to prevent beings like him from entering or that our realm/world would kill beings like him if he stayed for long; and so I yelled for the others to not let him escape back to his realm/world.

The being was screaming in pain and the burning or whatever prevented him from seeing where he was going & he was too weak to even move really, and the people grabbed him & started stomping & punching him; and either someone said: “Stomp him!” or the song Stomp Him In The Nuts from animated TV show The Boondocks started playing or I just thought of the song as they quickly beat the being, I am not sure which.

I backed off to watch as some of the people attacked the being, you should have seen the look on their faces, I can not even describe it; after years of torture they finally had a chance to stop this being from probably ever torturing anyone again, and probably a chance to finally kill him.

The two or three minions ran to help the being but they started burning/getting thin/old/weak/changing as well, the people stopped attacking the being, and we stood over the being; which was now just a super thin humanoid that was so ancient/messed up/burnt/changed/et cetera that we could not tell what it was exactly.

I think that it might have been barely alive still but dying, so we were going to wait to see if they would die & turn into ashes, and to make sure that they did not escape back to their realm/world; and if necessary we would take their bodies with us to make sure they could not escape back to their realm/world, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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