Protecting / Hiding A Baby / Our Baby From Other Aliens?

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I have almost completely forgotten all of my dreams from last night due to a repeating dream fragment that kept repeating and it was very long & it was like it was erasing my memories of my other dreams, so long that I started to forget all of my dreams before it & after it almost, even the repeating dream fragment itself was mostly forgotten.

I had several dreams but I can only remember some of one dream before the erasing repeating dream fragment, but my memory is so unclear that my guesses of what happened in the dream could be wrong.

I was somewhere maybe on a space station/space ship/a different planet/somewhere unknown, and I think that various alien species were there; but I could be wrong.

I am not sure how I got there or why I was there or what happened during most of the dream, but I think that I talked to several aliens species; one of whom was a woman who looked Human, probably an Aeryn Sun-like woman/alien who was from a Human-looking alien species probably like the Peacekeepers or something.

I am not sure if I already knew the woman or not and I can not remember what happened during most of the dream, I just remember at some point the woman was pregnant and/or had a baby, probably our baby; I think that she was pregnant, and maybe our two species were not supposed to/allowed to do that and/or at some point we were in a restricted zone where our two species were not supposed to be, but I am not sure.

I just remember us fearing for the baby/our baby and we fled to a hidden room that was like a panic room hidden behind layers of materials/walls/doors, and we hid there for hours and/or days and/or weeks and/or months until the baby was born or almost born or maybe the baby was already born, I am not sure which but I think that we were there until the baby was born; but some of the other aliens/species found where we were hiding & they were trying to open/get into the hidden room.

The woman seemed a bit warrior-like or not afraid to fight, and she was prepared to fight to defend the baby/our baby & I was ready to defend both of them & I tried to convince her to be ready to run while I fight; but she refused, and she told me that we would fight together, and that she would not run & leave me to fight or die alone.

I told her that protecting the baby & her was more important & I worried about her fighting ability being too low after she probably recently had the baby/our baby and/or after we were hiding in the hidden room for so long & I thought that it would be insane for a woman/person to fight in her condition, but she made it clear that she was ready to fight & that she could still fight & that she was going to fight whether I wanted her to or not; I guess her species was tougher/different from Humans when it comes to childbirth, because she was up & ready to fight while still holding the baby or she had the baby in a carrying pouch/device tied to the front of her body. 😀

She was standing in a fighting pose with the baby tied to the front of her chest in a baby sling / carrying pouch / device, probably with one or more mêlée weapons ready if needed & I probably had one or more mêlée weapons if needed, it was interesting watching her standing there with a fighting stance & facial expressions that made it clear that she was ready to fight until death & that she was a deadly fighter; it was something that you would have to see for yourself.

In her mind there would be no surrender, no backing down, no mercy, just fight/kill until they are all dead and/or fight/kill our way through the place until we could escape; but I was ready to try to talk & find a peaceful way to deal with the situation if possible (so was she somewhat, but she expected violence & so she was ready for violence), but if that failed I was ready to go with her plan.

As the other aliens continued trying to get into the hidden room, the woman and I waited & talked a bit, and I still tried to convince her to let me fight while she escaped but she refused again; she said that it was better if we fought together & died together if necessary, and even if the baby died during battle, that would be better than the baby being left with the other aliens to probably be killed by them or worse.

I realized that she made up her mind and I finally accepted her decision, and so I prepared myself to be ready to fight until death if necessary; and if we had to fight, I planned on fighting with everything I had until death or until escape, and I planned on a glorious last battle that they would not soon forget but I hoped to resolve the situation peacefully.

The other aliens seemed to be still struggling to unlock or break the wall(s)/door(s) leading to the hidden room, because it was hidden behind layers of materials like a panic room or something, but I can not remember the rest.

Something happened that might have been a daydream or maybe the fight started eventually, and maybe the other aliens knocked us unconscious with an energy beam or something since they could not defeat us in direct combat, I am not sure; I just remember that I had a long erasing repeating dream fragment that caused me to forget almost everything.

The erasing repeating dream fragment felt like it was erasing my memory of the other dreams, and I could not make it stop.

It got very annoying after a while until I probably was finally able to wake up, but then most of my memories of my dreams were gone.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


2 thoughts on “Protecting / Hiding A Baby / Our Baby From Other Aliens?

  1. You wrote above, “The erasing repeating dream fragment felt like it was erasing my memory of the other dreams, and I could not make it stop.”

    This is driving me bonkers because I think something similar happened to me, but I cannot find a record of any dream like that. I wonder if I decided not to record the experience because of the absence of the dreams that were erased. Bonkers!

    Your dreams, elements in your dreams, are triggering too many memories from my own dreams, making them seem alive again. I remember now, for example, where I saw or thought I saw Ka D’Argo. It was in the dream of primitive men, Twisted Weapons,, but the impression was so brief, and I was so unsure that I did not mention it. Nevertheless, his image made me wonder if the “cavemen” might be aliens or if, instead, I saw Ka D’Argo, with all his rough manner and hair, as primitive. I’m so confused.

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    1. I have had that happen to me several times before in the past, one or more times included effects/affects on me in the real world waking up and going back to sleep I think, and so I find it strange/interesting when this happens sometimes.

      Once we catch up with responding to each others comments and once I finish with the dreams that you shared with me, if you remind me and/or if I remember I will try to find some of my dreams that seemed to have something that seems to erase or try to erase my memory of certain dreams or parts of dreams. 😉

      I am glad that some of your memories are coming back, reading other people’s dreams and talking/sharing about dreams with other people can definitely help bring back memories of past dreams and forgotten dreams/fragments, and thank you for sharing that link to your dream with Ka D’Argo; and I will try to read it and comment on it on your blog when I get a chance. 😉

      Thank you for commenting again Ingidisa. 🙂


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