A Folding Metal Thing

I had several dreams last night, one was short & clear, but I forgot it due to waking up with a sore throat & feeling a bit sick; and I had a repeating daydream or semi-dream involving my sore throat that caused me to forget my dream(s), but I had another dream that I somewhat remember.

I was in D during the morning when the school buses are picking up kids/my brothers for school, I remember walking up the street passed/past my uncle WC’s house to the stop sign, and something happened involving an abandoned school bus or something; but I can not remember what happened exactly, I just remember finding a folding metal thing that would unfold into something, maybe a bus, I am not sure.

I remember thinking that it was for the SB (School Board) or something, and so I took the folding metal thing & I started walking to one of the schools or the Bus Barn to return the folding metal thing to them.

I can not remember what happened at the beginning of my journey but at some point I reached a fictional version of the fields near the B Store that are sometimes in my dreams, and I saw some of my former classmates such as RP; and I remember talking to RP, and I showed him the folding metal thing.

At some point I continued my journey and I remember coming across some of my former female classmates who mentioned that I looked thinner, more toned, stronger, better; I thanked them and I told them that I have been recently adding more strength training to my exercise routine, and at some point I continued my journey feeling better about my appearance.

I can not remember how I got to this point but I remember going in an apartment-like building where I seemed to have an apartment that I was sharing with some of my former male & female classmates, and at some point some members of my mom’s side of the family came by the apartment building and/or it was near my grandfather’s house; and my mom & dad were there too.

I think that my dead grandmother DE (my mom’s mom) was in the dream at some point, I am not sure, but I am not sure if she talked or not (she usually does not talk in my dreams).

It seemed that some family members were there to visit my grandmother or something, and at some point they were going to go somewhere in their automobiles, and I wanted to go too; but I had to go change clothes (put some blue jeans on & a tennis/polo shirt) in my apartment first.

Various former classmates of mine where hanging out in the apartment when I went to change clothes and I ended up taking too long, and so I got left behind; and I missed the trip with my grandmother, indirect family members, and my parent’s.

I was a bit disappointed but I did take too long, but I woke up as I was thinking about what to do next.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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