Murder She Wrote + Basic Training + Job Skills = ?

Source: Wikipedia

I am sick and feeling/getting worst than I expected so I will try to type this while I can, I forgot most of the details, but I slept pretty good considering that I am sick. 😀

I remember being outside in a field area during the day, I think that the dream started with me in military basic training or pre-basic training or something, I am not sure; and I remember there being a male drill instructor training us.

This dream had at least three parts to it with the field having a school area & playground-like area, a basic training area, and a small job & other skills training area.

There was either a break in basic training or I sneaked to the school area of the field, I am not sure which, and I played some sports (maybe basketball and/or football and/or soccer) with some of my former classmates; and I remember there being a teacher or several teachers.

At some point I moved to a small area next to the school area where there was a small class outside of mostly elderly women and Mrs. JN was leading a class about job skills & other skills, and we would watch parts of episodes of the TV show Murder, She Wrote & some other videos; and Angela Lansbury or her as her character Jessica Fletcher was probably in the class. 😀

We would try to solve the cases sometimes alone, sometimes in groups, we would answer questions on work sheets, and sometimes we would re-enact scenes. 😀

We would also do worksheets on job related skills and we would watch & practice job related skills, and the class was pretty fun.

It was nice getting to practice my detective skills and work with other people, improving team skills, and various other skills; but at some point it was either time for class to end and/or I had to sneak back to or go back to basic training with the military or whoever, but I woke up as I talked with the class before leaving.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂