Sharing A Dorm Room With My Cousin DE

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I only remember part of one of my dreams from last night, which involved me staying at a dorm with no windows probably with dark or brownish colored carpet probably & with dim lighting, basically a B-like dorm.

At some point my cousin DE and I shared a dorm room that had to separate bedrooms, a shared living room & kitchen (probably) & dining room (probably) & bathroom, and our dorm was bigger than the average dorm room in the building supposedly; but for some reason we were considering moving to a dorm room on the first floor (we were on an upper floor) that probably had the number 22 or 22B or 22C or something like that on the door.

I remember my cousin DE & I talking, walking through some hallways of the dorm building, meeting a few people, and at some point I went to the first floor to see the room that we were considering moving to (22 or 22B or 22C or something like that).

I found a room that I thought was the correct room and I opened the door, and the room was very small compared to our dorm room; and it was too small for two people, and so I went to tell my cousin DE about what I saw, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr