Flynn’s Home / Small Business

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I can barely remember part of one dream from last night, it is unclear, but I will try to put the pieces together; but there could be some errors, and there will be a lot of missing details.

The dream took place during the day in a fictional area / city / neighborhood where my family and I lived, and Flynn lived in the same neighborhood; but I am not sure how I knew this, either I magically knew this and/or I visited Flynn earlier during a part of the dream that I can not remember, I am not sure.

The neighborhood was very familiar and in the dream it felt like a normal place where I knew some people & I was comfortable & I knew the area & I knew other details like I grew up in the neighborhood or something, but I never remember dreaming of this place before; there was more that happened in the beginning of the dream that involved me going around the neighborhood, so maybe that also helped the area seem more familiar, but I am not sure.

There was a lot more that happened early in the dream and I even visited Flynn’s business earlier in the dream probably but I can not remember those parts, Flynn ran a small business by herself from her home it seemed, and she looked older in the dream than I would expect her to look in real life.

At some point I was somewhere in the neighborhood and I ate some food, and later I left in my automobile & I remembered Flynn’s business; and so I decided to go buy some food from Flynn to help support her business (even though I had already eaten) and because I felt like eating some Beef Bulgogi (in real life and in the dream, I hope to get some next week 😉 ) which was one of the dishes that Flynn had on her menu in the dream.

I think that Flynn lived in a brick or partly brick one-story house (I think that it was one-story but I am not sure since I only went on part of the first floor, so I could be wrong, I probably am wrong since I was focused on the first floor) and there was a window near the entrance of her kitchen, and she used that window as her drive-through window; you had to park by the window, and wait until Flynn saw you since she did not have a special system to take orders or a bell/ringer/alarm to let her know that someone was by the window.

Flynn saw me waiting at the window and she came to the window to take my order, I wanted to small talk with her a bit but Flynn had a neutral-negative-like facial expression that I could not read, and so I only said a few things (which did not get Flynn talking really) & I placed my order (Beef Bulgogi with rice); and then Flynn went to start cooking my order in her kitchen, and she still did not seem interested in talking with me & it almost seemed like she did not even know me (even though I knew that she knew me since we had met earlier in the dream and/or I somehow knew that we already knew each other from living in the same neighborhood).

I decided to park my automobile and go inside, Flynn’s business had the drive-thru window & she had a small waiting table in her kitchen where you could wait for your orders and/or you could probably buy a few drinks & snacks that did not need to be cooked & there was a dining room where you could eat your order/food not far from the kitchen, and there was a bathroom near or in the kitchen; and these areas were the parts of the house that she used for her business, and she would only open her business a few hours each day.

I am not sure what else Flynn sold besides home cooked food & maybe some drinks & snacks, but it was a nice little setup/home business, anyway I went inside the kitchen to wait; and I remember trying to figure out Flynn’s mood/thoughts/facial expression(s) & I tried to figure out/decide how to communicate with her or if I should just be quiet, but I still failed to read/figure her mood/thoughts/facial expressions, so I decided to play it safe & be quiet mostly. 😀

The kitchen was nice & bright with lighter or whiter colors & Flynn’s cooking area was not visible from the entrance area where I was standing at first, since her refrigerator & a few other things blocked my view, and so I stood around waiting for Flynn to see that I was inside first so that I did not/would not scare/surprise her; and at some point Flynn saw me, but she went back to cooking & ignored me mostly with the same unreadable facial expression.

I wondered if something was bothering her or if she was mad at me or something, but I kept it to myself hoping to eventually get her to talk and/or for a chance to ask her what was wrong, and I walked around to explore a bit after failing to communicate with Flynn again; this part is unclear but I think that/I am guessing that I walked past the bathroom to a semi-hidden room (I could be wrong about this) that was probably not part of the business area to look at some paintings and/or photographs and/or statues and/or some kind of art work and/or something like that, the room probably had no door knob and the door was probably barely noticeable, and so I guess that I opened it by accident or something, but I am not sure.

Flynn was busy cooking and she could not see me from her cooking area, this part of the dream is too unclear so I could be wrong, but I think that this semi-hidden room or room and/or one or more rooms had dead ancestors of maybe Flynn or someone or maybe they were not even Human & maybe they were some beings/dead beings of some kind, but I am not sure & I can not remember exactly.

This part of the dream was probably inspired by the video game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (which I played before going to sleep 😀 ), but I think that there were photographs, offerings, tombstones-like things with information/names of the dead ancestors or beings, and other things.

The dead ancestors or beings were wrapped in burial wraps so you could not see what they looked like, and they probably were in vertical tomb-like things standing up mostly and/or behind a hidden wall & maybe they opened somehow; and some of them woke up still wrapped in burial wraps, and the few that woke up were powerful it seemed (I either somehow knew this or I was guessing this).

I tried to close the door & run out hoping that they would go back to sleep(?) 😀 , and I ran to the kitchen where I saw that my mom & dad had come to buy something at Flynn’s business, but I told them that there was a problem and that they should run outside; but before I could warn Flynn (who was still cooking) in the cooking area & did not see us, the few powerful dead ancestors or beings (still completely wrapped in burial wraps) came after me & I ran outside.

My parent’s ran to their automobile while I distracted the few dead ancestors or beings, I tried to talk to them but that failed probably, and I started to use magic/powers to stop them; but they seemed to be too powerful for it to effect/affect them, and I ran & I climbed on a concrete platform on a building near Flynn’s house hoping that they could not climb; and one of the dead ancestors or beings (a female one, I have no idea how I know this, but one was female & I think the other two were male, there were at least three but there might have been more, grabbed my leg.

I managed to get my leg free and they could not reach me/climb it seemed, but I was trapped, and so I decided to see if fire magic/powers would work against them since they were supposed to be dead (in Skyrim dead things are often weak to fire); and so I probably tried to talk to them to apologize for waking them, and then I probably started to use fire magic/powers on them, but I can not remember what happened.

I woke up shortly after this.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂