5-26-2012 | Dream Fragment | My Brother GC And I At A Hotel

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I remember part of one dream from last night, where my brother GC and I arrived in/to an unknown city, and we went to a hotel to stay for a day or two or so.

GC and I got separate rooms that were side-by-side, but both rooms shared one wall on the left side that had a window/opening with no glass where you could store stuff; but we could see in to each others rooms and there were no curtains or any way to close it, and it was big enough for us to climb into the each others room (it was like the window/opening in my grandfather’s kitchen that is next to the main dinning room).

This opening was a privacy & security problem but fortunately my brother GC was in the room next to me, so I could trust him not to steal my stuff or spy or me.

The carpet/walls/ceiling in the hotel rooms were mostly a whitish color and the rooms had a small kitchen/dining room, bathroom, and two full-sized beds; the rooms were mostly clean but I killed a roach on the window in my room & a soldier ant in my brother GC’s room, and I killed both of them with a fly swatter that had a rubber-like head/top and a thin metal handle.

I am not sure why we were in this unknown city or how long we were going to stay, and I can not remember the boring details at the hotel after this point; but I do remember something weird happening when I turned on the TV I think, where at some point whatever was on TV was happening in my room.

A scene was being made with the camera crew recording a man & woman on a bed, but then they were on one of my beds, and the camera crew were in my room; and the director wanted to stop the scene for some stupid reason or something, but the actor & actress wanted to continue the scene.

The director got mad and started trying to grab/attack the actor and then I stopped the director from attacking the actor, and there was an argument between the director/actor & actress/camera crew; no one was on the directors side in the argument, but I can not remember the rest.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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