The Alien Abduction Group?

*I had these dreams at 6:Something AM – 7:Something AM probably, after waking up & voice recording my dream with my MP3 Player, it was 7:Something AM*

Unfortunately I forgot most of the important parts of my dreams from last night but some of them connected into a story line that was movie-like, scary/freaky, and somewhat realistic at times; and they had some interesting dialogue that I mostly forgot, unfortunately.

The first dream fragment is so unclear that it makes the other dream fragments make less sense, I remember being in a slightly fictional version of D on Eastside during the day and/or night, and I remember going to a fictional building/plant near where the A Plant & C Plant should be; I am not sure if I was alone or not, probably not.

I think that the plant was a mostly abandoned building that almost no one ever explored but I could be wrong, something strange happened there that involved something that led me to know that something would happen like a prophesy or warning or something, and something happened that might have involved aliens/beings & a woman/person that might have been abducted by them; but I am not sure what happened exactly, my memory is super unclear.

At some point I remember escaping/running to my parent’s yard & there were kids with me, I knew that an explosion or gas/chemical leak or something bad was going to happen at the plant, and so I was trying to get the kids/people outside/I to safety indoors; but we were locked out of my grandfather’s house, and so I ran back toward my parent’s house with the kids.

Something happened at the plant and gas/chemicals/smoke/something was being released on Eastside for a short period but I am not sure if I got the kids inside or not, I just remember talking with my cousin DE later, and we were by the back gate by the rabbit cages in the alley.

My cousin DE was being a bit more serious in a good/intellectual/calm-like way if that made sense and I remember him making eye contact a lot, while I did my usual briefly make eye contact & look away while talking, and I remember asking him what was his secret for being so calm & making eye contact; since I am the type that sometimes has a harder time keeping eye contact/thinking/taking without being distracted/overwhelmed due to anxiety/whatever since I seem to pick up/sense/feel/imagine what a person is somewhat thinking/feeling/et cetera when they talk to me, so that bothers me & I do not like making eye contact long to avoid picking up/feeling/sensing those things from who ever I am talking to.

My cousin DE said that he had practiced what some would probably call alternative medicine/health/spirituality/religion/et cetera techniques and meeting regularly with a group of people who are also into that stuff, and he said that many of those techniques had helped him mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

We talked about my now forgotten experiences from earlier in the dream and various deeper/personal topics/themes, it was a great conversation, but I forgot most of the details unfortunately; and after the conversation DE invited me to come visit the group of people who(m) he meets regularly with, and so we drove to a fictional/unknown city/area off a road surrounded by woods to a field/country neighborhood with only about two houses or so.

We parked by the house and entered the house, the dream became like a movie with me/us in it at this point, and it seemed like it would be one of those stupid American horror films where a group of college age people go on a trip & bad things happen.

When I/we entered the house the focus & quality of the visuals was/were like a movie and a man was sitting on a chair, and another man & woman who were dating were laying on another chair near him; and they were talking & relaxing.

I think one of the men told a story about a football game that he was in and so the dream showed what happened, and his story was re-lived/shown like a movie scene; and it was a big college football game probably and the dream followed him during that game, and this scene was like its own dream.

Since that dream scene was long & detailed enough to be its own dream, I can not remember most of it, but it ended after the man finished his story.

The dream went back to the living room scene where they were all on the couches talking, and another man entered the room who was probably the brother of the woman in the room; and a deep conversation began to my surprise, that made it not seem like a normal American horror film.

Several other people probably entered the room and I noticed that all of them were being serious in that similar way my cousin DE was acting, but they also seemed to be deep in thought individually as they talked; and I sensed that most of them had dealt with something serious/strange in their lives, and that they were trying to work together to deal with it.

They all seemed like people who had pretty good lives before until something happened/started happening, and that changed their lives once they realized that something strange was happening to them; and they seemed to be a group of people who tried to improve their situation together away from most other people who did not understand, since others probably rejected them and/or they did not want others to experience what they experienced.

Before meeting the group I expected them to be a group of people doing some strange things, but I was glad that I was wrong; and they seemed like people experiencing things that mainstream science & culture does not recognize yet at real, and so they formed a group of people who have experienced what they have & they work together to explore it/deal with it/prevent it/et cetera.

I was impressed by the topics that they talked about and I listened to their conversations, but it was getting late, and so they started locking up the house; DE, a new member of the group, and I were going to stay the night with them at the house.

I really knew something was wrong (I already knew that something was bothering the group, but I was not sure what at first) when the group asked the new member of the group to make sure that he hooks/secures/locks all the wooden blinds/covers for the windows, one of the members of the group showed him how to do it, and so he was supposed to lock a few himself while the others went around locking the other ones in the house; but I noticed that the new member did not lock some of them, because he did not feel that it was necessary.

The wooden blinds/covers were like storm covers with slits that would still allow a bit of air & light to come through, the group had them on every window, and there were hooks for at least all four corners to lock them; it seemed that the group was afraid of something coming in and/or moving them out, I started to sense that maybe many members of the group were victims of alien/being abductions.

I remember that one member of the group told the new member something like: that the extra security precautions helped to reduce the chance of them being taken/slowed down the process or increased their chances of waking up or something, I can not remember what he said exactly, but I remember trying to figure out what he meant exactly since he said it in a slightly coded//vague way.

Since I was now guessing that alien/being abduction was a fear/problem of theirs, I wondered how in the World would this stop advanced/unknown aliens/beings from abducting them, but it was better than nothing I guess; I remember thinking about locking the window covers that the new member did not lock, but I decided not to get involved.

All the members of the group slept in one room with many twin-sized beds, for extra safety I guess, and the new member & I were going to sleep on the floor since they did not have enough beds; there were some kids sleeping in some of the beds & DE probably had a bed, and so I was going to sleep on the right side of the room away from some of the windows.

There were a lot of windows in the room and one or two of the windows on the left side of the room did not have the covers locked properly or at all thanks to the new member, and the new member slept closer to that side by the windows; and I decided to stay awake longer to keep an eye out to see if my alien/being abduction guess was correct or not, but I started falling asleep at some point with my back against the wall & I was facing the windows but what happened next scared/freaked me out & it seemed a bit realistic in some ways but fake in other ways (maybe like a false memory or cheap special effect(s) scene).

This part of the dream is a bit unclear but the fear/freaky level is clear and I am surprised that I did not wake up from the dream accidentally, I remember being partly asleep, and slightly waking up to maybe a blueish light coming through some of the window covers; but I am not sure if I heard any noise or not.

I thought that the light was strange but I was still waking up so my mind was not thinking clearly yet, and then the scariest/freakiest part happened that was like a cheap scare in a movie (this part had a scary/partly realistic atmosphere/feeling to it & it somewhat reminded me of the film Communion; it was one of those moments that you would have to experience yourself to know what it was like, it scared the beep out of me.

As I was waking up and looking at the light I turned my head a bit and BOOM, in my face and/or coming toward me was an alien/being/drone that was balloon like in weight/appearance/durability/feeling if that made sense, it was somewhat short with bigger than normal dark-colored eyes & maybe a brownish/greenish/something else color; it was strange-looking not exactly like the Grey-type aliens but slightly like them but not much, but something I have not seen before exactly.

This all happened fast and my memory is unclear but I remember thinking balloon-like in reference to the alien/beings/drones, the aliens/beings/drones had shape & size like a living being and/or robotic being, but I think that they seemed very light weight/weak/hallow like a balloon instead of heavier/tougher/thicker like normal beings on Earth.

The alien/being/drone was probably in my face, I remember bigger than normal dark eyes probably, like it was doing something to me/my mind while I was sleeping maybe.

I was so scared/freaked out that it felt real and my body got the fight or flight response and I automatically went into the fight response, and I jumped up with my adrenaline pumping screaming for the others to wake up and I started attacking the alien/being/drone; who popped like a balloon or disappeared or teleported.

I noticed another alien/being/drone coming through a window opening on the left side of the room and another alien/being/drone grabbing the new member or someone else, and I probably attacked it; but it either popped like a balloon/disappeared/teleported, and the other one probably left as well, and the strange maybe blueish light outside probably went out/away/up/disappeared.

The others woke up during the brief seconds that this took place and maybe someone got taken, I am not sure, but I do remember one of the members talking about his sister/a member of the group got abducted maybe in the dream where I was at the plant or just then but I am not sure; and that they are still trying to find her/get her back.

The new member was in shock and he kept saying that so they are real, that he previously had thought that aliens/beings/drones were fake, but now he was a believer.

I was still in fight mode and I was shocked/afraid, and I was surprised that they were really abducting people/visiting Earth, I was neutral/open to the idea previously, but now I knew for sure.

The group started to pack up their stuff in a panic and they told everyone to load up their automobiles so that we could move to a new location, I think that one of the aliens might have dropped a device of some kind, and at some point a Human-looking being communicated with us from the device.

The being looked like a Human man with whitish colored skin & black colored hair, and I remember joking that he reminded me of Steven Seagal a bit, and I remember the man in the group whose sister was missing was asking the being where was his sister as we all packed up stuff to leave.

I am not sure if the device was dropped recently or if the group had recovered it in the past, either way there was a fear that they could track & get to us using the device, and there was fear that the new member and/or me and/or DE and/or someone else were now on their abduct list.

At some point the being started entering our realm/location from the device probably after the member of the group argued/yelled at the beings for answers about where his sister was but the being either refused or said something that caused the conversation to end, and we attacked the being as this was happening but it was not working/effecting/affecting the being like he was immune to our attacks as he was still entering our realm/location, until one of the members threw a fake futuristic hockey puck-like bomb on the device, and a fake explosion happened that caused the being to return to his realm/location; and the portal on the device closed.

The member said that a futuristic and/or fake futuristic device can trick/scare them temporarily, and so that gave us time to pack the automobiles; and they also got an elderly neighbor packed up to take him with us for his safety, but they forgot his laptop, and so someone went to get it as we rushed to leave soon.

We had no idea where we were going but we felt that we had to leave, I remember us debating about the situation/what to do with the device/how to find the abducted woman/et cetera, but I woke up.

Before I woke up I also wondered if the alien/being/drone part was a mind game/trick or false memory, due to the balloon-like aliens/beings/drones, or if that was just low-budget effects since this dream was movie like.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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