The Silent Forest

Dream 1

I barely remember part of two dream fragments from last night, with the first dream taking place during the day in D near Walmart near were S should be, and there was a fictional place that seems to have been in a past dream or dreams of mine.

The place had a fence, the building part was above the ground held up by metal poles or something so you could walk under it, there were stairways to take you to the building part, next to the building part was a covered area with no walls that had an open bathroom with a few private areas to use the bathroom but the rest were open, and there was an open classroom-like area/warehouse room.

I remembered this place from a past dream or dreams, so much so that I remembered parts of my past dream or dreams, and I looked around for stuff/things left from my past dream or dreams; and I looked for changes in the environment, and it seemed that the environment had changed a bit from age.

It was like this dream world had continued on its own with some things staying the same and some things had gotten older/changed, and I found evidence of my past dream or dreams in the form of objects left from the past dream or dreams & markings on a wall that my cousin ME & some other people had left in the dream world & a few other things/people.

In this dream I went to the place several times and remembered memories of my past dream or dreams of this place, and at some point parts of the place were supposed to be closed/off-limits when school was over for the day or whoever owned those parts; but I wanted to explore it to compare how it was now compared to my past dream or dreams, and so I sneaked into the closed parts.

At some point my brother GC found me as I was almost done exploring, but someone almost found us or found us, and so we pretended to be going to the building area; and so we really went to the building area so the person that found us would leave.

The left side of the building was the office for Project Housing and the right side of the building was for Senior Citizen Services I think, and so we went to the Project Housing side to check the status of our application for Project Housing; but the woman in the office said that there was no record of an application for us, and so I told the woman that we had put in an application in recently & that I had put my application in years before that.

The woman then either found a record of my past application and/or she found our latest application, which had not been filed yet, due to laziness it seemed; and so we waited for her to file it.

We then left outside and I saw someone leaving out of the Senior Citizen Services side, and I considered going to see what was inside their office, but I decided not to; and my brother GC and I walked off talking, but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 2

The next dream involved me using a fictional road near where B Park should be that leads to another city in my dreams sometimes, usually I walk or ride a bicycle on this road to reach other cities in dreams but sometimes I use an automobile, and in this dream I walked and/or rode a bicycle at first.

The road has forests on both sides of it and it is usually quiet with not many people using it if any, and I found something in the dream that I wanted to show to others & so I went back into town (D); and I found my mom and my former classmate DH, and so I told them to follow me show that I could show them what I found.

We walked down the road, it was a nice quiet day, and so it was a nice & relaxing walk as we enjoyed the scenery.

At some point I noticed an opening on the forest on the left side and so we went to explore it, and it was mostly dark but with some light coming from the trees & it was very quiet & mysterious, like something in a movie or scary movie; but it was not scary to me but more mysterious in a way that could be scary.

There was a small river separating three parts of land but you could jump to the other sides, and so we were going to do that; but oddly I did not see any signs of life, the ground was mostly empty except for maybe leaves and/or some grass and/or dirt; and it was silent, which was interesting, but I saw that it could be scary but I was not scared.

I wanted to explore this silent forest and I thought it was an odd/mysterious place, but as DH was trying to cross the river, out of no-where a male deer bucked him; we did not notice it before and it somehow attacked without us hearing it running.

DH staggered back but did not fall, he is pretty tough, and I noticed a group of deer looking on with neutral-negative unreadable facial expressions (it was a bit freaky/creepy); and so I said that we should run back to the road, but I told DH to defend himself with hand-to-hand combat until I could get him a stick so that I could help him back to our side so that we could get back to the road.

I told my mom to get to the road but first I gave her a stick I found, and I tried to find a stick for DH & I; and then DH punched the deer in the face which staggered it back, but then it charged at DH.

DH then used his martial arts skills to sidestep and he kicked the deer in side of his head & knocked him unconscious or the deer ran back to the other side, and then I ran to help DH back to our side so that we could run.

The group of deer watched us with their unreadable facial expressions that to me meant that they wanted us to leave and stay out of their silent forest, and so we ran hoping they would not attack us on the road; and I probably started talking to the deer as we ran, apologizing for our trespassing in their silent forest & asking for forgiveness.

But that is all that I can remember.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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