Looking For The Office

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

Last night I barely remember some of my dreams, with the first several dreams probably being inspired by the TV show Game Of Thrones, but I can not remember those dreams.

Dream 2

I had one dream where I was in a prison-like place, that did not look like prison, it looked like a windowless building, and some other people & I were in a library-like room that reminded me of an old style library mixed with my former high school’s library.

The prisoners were part of a game / competition in the prison where they would compete against each other for prizes and/or the chance to make the losers do stuff for them, I remember one of the current winners of the day telling one of the losers that he was going to rape him later or something like that, and that was perfectly legal for the winners to do to the losers if they wanted to it seemed; which is terrible.

The game / competition would be filmed each time and people could watch on TV / et cetera I guess, and for some reason I was there getting to meet the winners & losers after the game/competition; but I have forgotten most of the dream, so I do not know most of what happened in the dream.

The prison had male and female prisoners together, there was no separation by gender it seemed in the prison or game/competition, there were some women with the group of prisoners that I met.

We sat down in the library-like room talking about the game/competition & watching replays of what had happened, and what the winners & losers were going to do next & more; but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 3

The last dream involved a young woman who looked somewhat like my dead cousin AE who died several years ago after giving birth to her first child (it probably was supposed to be her, but a younger version from when we were still in school) and I walking during the day to PW Elementary in D, to find the office (I think that I was helping her find the office, but I am not sure why), and we walked to the outside door that leads to the hallway by the library; but in the dream I thought that this might lead to the office for some reason.

Before we could open the door, my aunt ME (her mom, if the young woman was my cousin AE), opened the door; and we greeted her, and some school kids were nearby.

My aunt ME said that she was a teacher at PW now and she told us that the office was further toward the front-center part of the school, and then I realized that I had accidentally went to the door that led to the hallway by the library.

I thanked my aunt ME and said goodbye and the young woman & I continued to walk to find the office, now that I remembered where it was, then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂