My Aunt JE Is Sick?

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I am too busy and interrupted to think about or remember most of my dreams from last night, so I will not be able to type or remember most of them.

I remember part of one dream, which was a pretty long dream, but most of it will be lost thanks to today’s annoyances.

Near the end of the dream my aunt JE seemed to be sick and/or very depressed and/or dying, and my mom and one or more of my aunts were taking care of her.

I remember my aunt JE spending most of the time on a couch, and I wondered if she was dying.

We were at a house/place that was partly like my grandfather’s house or was my grandfather’s house, during some parts of the dream.

I can not remember or think about the rest of the dream, too much noise and interruptions, I imagine that this will start stressing me out if this continues the next few days; I am a bit grumpy/angry now about it, I hate having my mornings interrupted before I can clear my mind/think/wake up properly/do my morning routine & having so many interruptions that it takes several days to finish simple things like watching one TV show episode. Hehehe

The end,

-John Jr 🙂