John Jr Prepares To Run For Political Office?

I barely remember any of my last dream from last night, unfortunately, I remember it taking place during the day.

I remember being outside in a field near a mobile home, something happened where I found out something weird about myself, I am not sure what I found out exactly but I will just say/guess that I found out that I was a Werewolf or something other than just Human.

At some point I came across one or two women in the field, somehow I knew that one of them was not Human either and that she was a like me, and so I confronted her about it; but she kept denying that she was not just Human.

I just wanted to learn more about what I was and I was happy to see that I was not the only person who was whatever I was, but the woman still denied it, which started to annoy me.

The woman had medium – dark brownish colored skin with black colored hair, and somehow my trying to get her to tell the truth led to us briefly fighting (not really a fight probably, she probably tried to hit me or something); and I somehow knocked her unconscious for a few seconds during our brief fight (I did it in a way to not hurt her really).

I remember holding her in my arms in the few seconds that she was unconscious, and I remember there was some physical contact between us involving breasts and clitoris with our clothes on still.

She finally admitted that she was not just Human either like me when she realized that I was like her and that I was not trying to hurt her or reveal this truth to the public, and we talked and we had a bit more physical contact between us; but I can not remember most of what we talked about.

I remember that somehow the idea of me or us running for political office came up, maybe she was working as a politician or was thinking about it too but I am not sure, and I/we wanted to help make a positive difference in the World & in our political system.

I remember talking about how I did not know much about politics, that I had no education in law/politics/et cetera, that I did not know how to run or fund a political campaign, et cetera.

I think that the woman had some experience or connections in politics, and she was going to help me; and I remember thinking about running for a position in the House Of Representatives.

The woman and I walked to the mobile home, where my family was living oddly, and I remember changing into a suit; and I told my family about my plans.

I remember making phone calls, various people came by to talk with me & show their support, and I started planning & preparing for my political campaign.

I remember thinking that I should probably campaign for a lower position in local politics first, and work toward an Associate Degree in something law related like Criminal Justice or something at a Technical and/or Community college; but that was just a thought.

I knew that I had a lot to learn and a lot to prepare for in a short amount of time, and so I wanted to learn as much as I could from people who were already working as politicians at various levels of government.

Oddly in the dream, the bathroom was on a small porch connected to the mobile home, and so the bathroom did not have complete walls only partial walls that were not very tall; and so you could see the field & the neighbor’s house when trying to use the bathroom, and they could see you if they were outside, which was awkward.

I think that I remember waving at one of the neighbors while I was using the bathroom, because he was outside his house doing something, and he looked in my direction while I was using the bathroom. 😀

The woman was gone at this point to talk with her contacts about helping me in my political campaign, probably, and soon we were going to have a gathering in the field & at the mobile home to help raise money & to connect with voters & other people to help in my political campaign.

But I am not sure if the woman was already in politics or not, or if she was going to run for political office or not, or if she was going to run together with me in my/our political campaign or not; I can not remember.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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