My Dad’s Automobile Tire Breaks

File:2008-08-19 Flat tire.jpg
Source: Wikimedia Commons

I only can remember the end of my last dream from last night, which took place in a fictional city during the day, and my family & I were driving in this fictional city like we were going on vacation or something maybe.

My mom & brothers were probably driving in one automobile & were somewhere else in the city, while my dad was driving his automobile, and I was driving in my automobile several automobiles behind my dad.

At some point the back right passenger side tire on my dad’s automobile started to break apart as he was driving without him noticing, and the people driving in automobiles behind him jumped into the left lane & they drove off to avoid whatever might happen; but none of them bothered to warn my dad that his tire was breaking.

I started to panic a bit because I did not have time to call my dad with my mobile phone to warn him & I feared that he would flip his automobile and die or something & I tried yelling to/at him to warn him but his windows were up & he was too far away to hear me, and so there was nothing that I could do but hope that his automobile did not flip.

Things happened pretty fast as my dad drove until the tire was gone & only the rim remained, and then my dad realized that something was wrong & he tried to pull over; and he started to swerve in the road and he almost flipped his automobile, but he managed to stop his automobile next to an automobile shop.

A crowd of people at the automobile shop saw what had happened as they were waiting on their buses to be fixed, they seemed to be parents/coaches/student athletes, and some of the workers saw what had happened as well.

I drove to the automobile shop as well and I went to talk with my dad, and we talked with some of the people & workers at the shop; and we talked mostly about what had happened.

Coach F was among the crowd of people and we talked with him a bit, and I called my mom & brothers to tell them what had happened; and they came to the automobile shop as well.

Coach F went to greet one of my brothers and I thought that he was greeting me, but he did not recognize me; which is not surprising since I was only in one of his classes years ago.

I woke up shortly after that.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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