7-13-2012 | Dream Fragments | Getting Attacked By A Woman With A Knife

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I had a variety of short dreams last night but I forgot some of them because I started having problems sleeping, I would wake up & then go back to sleep, over & over; and so I did not sleep very well or get much sleep, this might have started after I woke up after a woman attacked me with a knife in a dream but I am not sure.

I barely remember part of one dream where I was at an apartment or dorm with one of my co-workers JF, and I remember that he had just found out that one of his former co-workers lived on the same floor as him.

He said that they both used to work for NASA but I can not remember what else he told me or what else happened in the dream, except that he went to play a prank on his former co-worker who lived down the hall, and so he opened the former co-worker’s door without knocking; and he might have done something else but I can not remember, I just remember JF running away before his former co-worker could see who did the prank on him.