7-13-2012 | Dream Fragments | Getting Attacked By A Woman With A Knife

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I had a variety of short dreams last night but I forgot some of them because I started having problems sleeping, I would wake up & then go back to sleep, over & over; and so I did not sleep very well or get much sleep, this might have started after I woke up after a woman attacked me with a knife in a dream but I am not sure.

I barely remember part of one dream where I was at an apartment or dorm with one of my co-workers JF, and I remember that he had just found out that one of his former co-workers lived on the same floor as him.

He said that they both used to work for NASA but I can not remember what else he told me or what else happened in the dream, except that he went to play a prank on his former co-worker who lived down the hall, and so he opened the former co-worker’s door without knocking; and he might have done something else but I can not remember, I just remember JF running away before his former co-worker could see who did the prank on him.

The former co-worker was in the apartment or dorm with several people, all of them seemed to be from somewhere in Asia & they spoke another language at first & when they spoke English they had accents, and they came running angrily to the door to see who had opened their door & whatever else JF had done; but JF had run away.

I tried to explain the situation to the angry former co-worker to calm him & the others down, but I am not sure if it worked or not because I can not remember.

I am not sure if this is the end of the dream or another dream, but I remember being outside during the day in an unknown area with several people; but I am not sure who I was with/around and/or talking to, and a group of angry people who might have also been from Asia & who spoke another language (maybe the same people from the apartment or dorm & the rest of their family, I am not sure), came outside angrily toward our group.

I tried to keep the peace and calm them down, but a woman holding a knife in the group came toward me angrily; and I tried to calm her down, but she ran forward to attack me with the knife.

Somehow I pulled out a knife that I had magically just in time to make her stop/pause with her knife near my left forearm, because I used my left forearm to block her knife to give me time to pull my knife & counter attack, but fortunately she stopped her knife in the air near my forearm with all of the blade toward it but not touching it & I had my knife pointed toward her with the tip of the blade toward her; and so we had a stand-off.

The woman and the group of people with her all seemed to be family members, they seemed to be very offended by something someone in my/the group did (maybe JF’s prank if he this was the same dream, but I am not sure); I had not offended them, but I was in their way because I was trying to keep the peace.

There was a cultural/language barrier between the woman & her group & my/the group & I, I was not really with either group exactly probably but I happened to be talking with one group before the drama started, and so my attempts to calm the woman & her group down kept failing.

I think that maybe a few other people in the woman’s group might have had weapons as well, but probably no one but me had weapons in the other group.

The woman and I were alone in the middle of both groups, separating them, during our knife stand-off.

I kept trying to calm the woman down but I failed, and she started to put her knife against my forearm with all the blade touching it; and I once again tried to get her to stop, but she started pushing down the knife on/into my forearm, the entire blade was on my forearm.

I could feel the pressure of the entire blade cutting into my skin/muscle/veins/nerves toward my bone as she pushed the entire blade deeper into my forearm, I could have stabbed her before she could do this, but I tried to give her one last chance to avoid someone getting hurt or killed.

As I felt the pressure & some of the pain of her knife digging in my forearm, I decided that enough was enough, and I countered with a thrust/stab with my knife & maybe multiple follow-up knife attacks; and my attacks probably killed the woman or she probably had fatal wounds, but I can not remember.

I just remember accidentally waking up after I defeated the woman, from the feeling (I could feel the pressure & deepness of the wound) & partial pain of her knife attack that cut deep into my forearm & the shock from the entire situation.

I woke up with my anxiety levels up still feeling the pain for a few seconds after waking up and I walked around a bit to calm down somewhat, and I had problems sleeping for the rest of the night & I kept waking up every few minutes & I could not sleep well all night, I woke up from this dream at 2:Something AM.

I had some more dreams that I forgot, but I remember part of one dream that took place during the day in a fictional version of D that I sometimes dream about.

I was walking down a sidewalk in a nice fictional neighborhood not far from the M Church, and near a two-story house I saw President Obama and a man in a suit with brownish colored skin with short black colored hair wearing glasses I think; the man might have been an assistant or something but I am not sure.

President Obama did not look like himself but I knew that it was him, he looked like President David Palmer from the TV show 24 mixed with President Obama, and he was walking across the yard toward the sidewalk where I was as the man in the suit followed him talking.

I stopped walking, surprised to see President Obama in D, and that he had no Secret Service agents with him that I could see.

I greeted Mr. Obama but I do not remember if we talked at all, I just remember walking near him since he was walking in the same direction that I was going as the man in the suit kept telling Mr. Obama about various things like a worried assistant, but Mr. Obama probably seemed to want to walk & relax to avoid all the stress/duties/people/et cetera.

The man in the suit mentioned the lack of Secret Service agents and advised Mr. Obama that they should call some agents to protect him during his walk, but Mr. Obama did not seem interested or worried about calling for Secret Service protection; and I agreed with the man in the suit but Mr. Obama still resisted the idea, and so I decided that I would help protect him until I reached wherever I was walking to & the man in the suit was going to help protect him as well.

I woke up shortly after this as we walked on the sidewalk on a nice sunny day in a nice neighborhood, and I saw no one else around & no automobiles on the road; which is only slightly odd, because this neighborhood is usually normally uncrowded with only a few automobiles on the road & a few people, but not this uncrowded.

I had a strange dream experience for my last dream, which was so strange that the dream made the dream world confusing/almost impossible to remember/et cetera if that made any sense at all, and this also messed up my memory of the dream in the dream & in the real world.

In the dream I kept having an interrupting thought/flashback/dream/whatever about a strange conspiracy/event/whatever, and this strange conspiracy/event/whatever was so secret that in the dream it kept preventing me from properly thinking/remembering.

It was so secret that it had no name, the dream characters & I could not name it (we were not allowed to name it, but I tried, but it would not let me), or it would stop us from naming it & it would try to stop us from remembering or thinking of it; it was to remain nameless, it would not even let us think of a name, I tried but it would not let me.

I am using the word It because I do not know what was doing this/controlling this.

I kept trying to stop it but I could not, I kept trying to think deeper about it but I could not, I kept trying to name it but I could not, and it kept stopping me & forcing the thought/flashback/dream/whatever on me.

It was a very strange dreaming experience, I saw visuals/audio of the conspiracy/event/whatever, which involved some of those responsible for it and/or in it.

I tried to identify those responsible for it and/or in it, but it would not let me identify them or remember them or think of them; it would only randomly give me flashbacks/thoughts/dreams/whatever of them/the event/the conspiracy/whatever.

I tried hard but it kept stopping me, but it wanted me to see/hear only part of what it wanted me to see/hear; but I was not to remember it in the dream or when I wake, it made sure to stop me from remembering/thinking of it through the entire dream beyond what it wanted me to see/hear but not remember.

This continued until I got awakened by my alarm clock probably, and it successfully prevented me from remembering the thoughts/flashbacks/dreams/event/conspiracy/whatever in the dream or in the real world.

Whatever the conspiracy/event/whatever was & who ever is involved/responsible it had the dream characters terrified to even try to think/remember/name it, so I had no luck trying, and it kept stopping me; I would try to ask dream characters questions, and the thoughts/flashbacks/audio/video/et cetera would appear in my mind.

That would cause me to forget and/or interrupt my questions, and this would happen every time that I tried to ask a dream character a question; and it was like something was trying to erase part of my memory each time or was erasing part of my memory.

I would be stunned and I would forget what I was saying/thinking, and this happened several times.

I kept trying, I did not want to give up, but soon I stopped bothering trying to ask dream characters questions since they were terrified & because of the stuff appearing in my mind along with the erasing of my memory of that stuff; and I focused on trying to think/remember it in my mind, but it kept stopping me.

I tried to fight it over & over, but I kept failing.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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