Mr. G Is Getting Married

I barely remember part of one dream from last night, which took place at SB school in the new computer lab, and my coworker Mr. G & I were working in the computer lab.

Mr. G said that he was getting married very soon, and I think that he was going to marry a princess or someone like that; I could be wrong, but I know that she had a lot of money & connections/fame.

Mr. G’s soon to be wife and her friend walked into the computer lab to show Mr. G his suit for the wedding, and Mr. G got the suit & changed into it in the computer lab quickly by surprise. 😀

Mr. G wanted to get married as-soon-as-possible, it was like he was afraid that his soon to be wife might change her mind and/or that someone would stop her from marrying a commoner like him, and so he wanted to get married before anything could get in his/their way.

We thought that it was funny how Mr. G was in such a rush to get married, so there was a moment of laughter, and then Mr. G started trying to get his soon to be wife & her friend to get dressed so that they could leave to get married.

Mr. G was ready to clock out for the day and leave work to get married, he was not going to waste any time, but I woke up as he was trying to rush everyone to the marriage ceremony.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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