A Reality Television Game Show

Yesterday night I remember the end of one dream, where I was on a reality TV game show with several people, and the game was a competition.

Each of us were from various job fields/careers, and we had to compete against each other in various contests.

I only remember one contest that took place during the day on a somewhat high area over a river, and we each had to build a boat & cross the river to the other side; and who ever built their boat the fastest & crossed the river fastest would win this particular contest.

We each had some wood & a few supplies and we would have to create our own boat designs, build the boat, and hope that our boats work & can cross the river fast enough.

Some of the people probably had an advantage, I think that one guy worked as an engineer, and a few others had jobs/careers that would give them an advantage in this contest; and so my plan was to build a simple boat design quickly & hope that it will/would cross the river, and hope that the other people would take too long trying to make a good/fancy boat design. 😀

I woke up soon after this contest began.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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