Duncan Sheik Songs In Dreams

I was just watching Duncan Sheik‘s music video She Runs Away, and I remembered part of a dream that I had many years ago; I am not sure if I have typed this before or not.

Here is the music video that I was watching:

Music is rare in my dreams and many years ago a few Duncan Sheik songs were some of the only songs that I could remember being in any of my dreams back then, I might have had three dreams that had a Duncan Sheik song in them in total.

A few songs that have also appeared in some of my dreams include, there are more but I can not remember them at this time:

Autour De Lucie – Personne N’est Comme Toi

Bless – Ce Plaisir (Ne M’est Pas Donné)

Camille – Ta Douleur

I have had several real & fictional Pauline Croze songs in some of my dreams & she holds the record for most songs by a single music artist in my dreams, some of which include (there are more but I can not remember which ones, not counting the fictional songs):

Pauline Croze – T’es Beau

Pauline Croze – Jour De Foule

Pauline croze – Larmes

Pauline Croze – Quand Je Suis Ivre

Pauline Croze – Dans La Chaleur Des Nuits De Pleine Lune

Dream 1

One of those dreams involved me being at school (a fictional one) and the entire school of students went to the gym for an event, and I remember that we were sitting on the floor of the gym which was dimly lit.

I had an electric guitar with a cassette player built into it, I think that the guitar was a whitish color but I could be wrong, and I might have tried playing it quietly while we sat on the floor waiting.

At some point I noticed that I had a cassette in the cassette player, and it was Duncan Sheik’s first album Duncan Sheik; and so I started listening to it out-loud probably.

I remember listening to She Runs Away (I think) and/or Barely Breathing and/or another song, and I might have listened to another song as well; and I might have tried to play the guitar while the song was playing, but I am not sure.

The event that was going on must have been boring or had not started yet because I do not remember it, but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 2

I also had another dream once that had the song She Runs Away in it, it was very short, and the dream was following a strange short story that I can not remember exactly; and I remember that non-Humans were in the story.

I had one or more Duncan Sheik songs in at least one other dream, but I can not remember it because I had these dreams many years ago.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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