A Dangerous Acting Scene

I remember part of a few dreams from last night but I forgot the first dream or first few dreams, but I know that I had one or more dreams before the two dreams that I can remember.

The first dream that I can somewhat remember, took place during the day in D by my bank, and I was walking through the parking lot or something like that; and my mobile phone rang, and I answered it.

It was my former classmate DH calling to give me some words of encouragement/wisdom that I can not remember about finding a job & life in general, and he mentioned how his brothers had experienced some similar situations like mine & that I should not give up/et cetera/or something like that; and he told me a quote/saying/or something like that.

I was surprised by how DH sounded like he really cared & what he said was meaningful, though he tried to mask/hide it a bit to act macho/manly to not seem too weird/close/caring, and I thanked him for the encouragement/words of wisdom as a friend; we said a few more things and then we said goodbye.

The dream gets confusing at this point but I think that I somehow came across a script/practice acting session for an acting scene involving Clint Eastwood (playing an old man), Joseph Gordon-Levitt (playing a male roommate), and Lenora Crichlow (playing a female roommate); and the scene was about the three of them living in a house together and Mr. Gordon-Levitt & Ms. Crichlow were going to get into an argument/fight while Mr. Eastwood was asleep & Mr. Eastwood would wake up to see what was going on.

The scene was to have real physical contact/fighting without stunt doubles and it was to end with Ms. Crichlow being slammed back first on a table entertainment/professional wrestling style (like a Power Bomb or something) with thumbtack-like things with plastic handles with the plastic parts pointing up instead of the sharp metal tips, but I thought that this was too dangerous & risky for them to have real physical contact/fighting (especially the last slam on a table with dangerous objects); and I either told them so and/or I did not get a chance to tell them.

Somehow we were at my grandfather’s house at some point, the scene was to be done there & no one had told me, and the scene started without anyone warning me; and before I could stop them and/or warn them.

It started down the hallway by my grandfather’s room & it was dark, Mr. Eastwood’s character was sleeping in that room, and Mr. Gordon-Levitt’s & Mrs. Crichlow’s characters started arguing; and their fight began while I was at the other end of the hall trying to stay out of the scene.

They were pushing & throwing each other into walls, doors, to the floor, into stuff, et cetera; and it was very loud and dramatic, and they were really fighting pretty hard for the scene with real fighting/physical contact.

They fought their way to the family room where the slam was to take place on the table, and then Mr. Eastwood’s character woke up yelling about the noise; and he walked to the family room to investigate, while I was ducking near the table trying to stay out of the scene while trying to see if the table was somewhat safe.

I noticed a lot of dangerous objects on the table besides the thumbtack-like objects, so I tried to move some of the stuff off the table, while trying to stay out of the scene; and at this point Mrs. Crichlow’s character was out of control & winning the fight, and so Mr. Gordon-Levitt’s character had to get serious & go for the slam to stop her character.

Mr. Eastwood’s character held the table with one hand (out of the view of the camera) to help secure it for the slam, it was too late for me to finish clearing off the table & so I had to hold the table too out of the view of the camera, and Mr. Gordon-Levitt’s character slowly prepared the slam trying to do it somewhat safely (but it was still too dangerous); and he lifted Mrs. Crichlow’s character in the air & slammed her back first on the table on the thumbtack-like things & the other things that I did not have time to clear off the table.

It was a hard slam that broke the table and Mrs. Crichlow’s character/her were in some pain & almost knocked unconscious, the plastic handles on the thumbtack-like things broke & so the sharp metal parts stabbed into her back a bit & maybe a few other things on the table, and Mr. Eastwood’s character & Mr. Gordon-Levitt’s characters slowly tried to move her off the table (the scene was still going on) & they probably removed the sharp metal parts & things from her back.

I knew that Mrs. Chrichlow was hurting somewhat but I was not sure how much of it was acting & how much was real, I wanted to stop the scene, but they wanted to continue.

I tried to help them move her, I stayed off camera, but I noticed a piece of metal or something that had fallen on her shirt; and it fell up her nose, blocking her breathing it seemed but I was not sure, but no one else noticed.

Mrs. Crichlow seemed to be losing consciousness but I was not sure if it was for real or not, and I tried to tilt her body so that the piece of metal or whatever would fall out of her nose; but the others kept tilting her body the other way not knowing about the metal piece, I tried to warn them without talking to avoid ruining the scene that was still being filmed, but they did not notice me.

I started to panic and I was about to interrupt the scene to try to get the metal piece out of her nose, and get them to get her some medical help; but I accidentally woke up since I was panicking a bit thinking that was real life, not knowing that it was dream (while I was in the dream).

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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