Trying To Get To The Cinema

I barely can remember the end of one dream from last night, I know that there was more to the dream, but I forgot most of it due to interruptions again.

I was driving or walking in LC during the day trying to get to the cinema (movie theater) at the shopping mall, more happened before this, but I cannot remember it.

Not only that, but I do remember having to avoid some people driving badly in the parking lot.

The parking lot area by the cinema was blocked off for construction, and workers were doing construction work on it; I had to try to figure out how to reach the cinema another way.

I remember that an investigative reporter or someone like that & her camera crew arrived when I did.

They also were trying to figure out how to get to where they wanted to go with the area blocked off for construction.

The investigative reporter was an economic and/or political reporter or something like that, and she was doing a story on a company and/or person and/or something like that.

I walked into a fictional door of the mall, which led to an indoor construction area, and I asked one of the workers how could I get to the cinema since the outdoor & indoor area near it was blocked off.

The worker pointed to an exit door, but then we got interrupted by the reporter & her camera crew.

She was yelling about how she suspected that someone was trying to block her from investigating/reporting on her story or something like that, and she was asking the workers how to get to a certain area in the mall.

The workers were a bit annoyed and then the reporter started to ask them questions about their working conditions, hours, pay, how management treated them, et cetera.

The workers told the reporter that they were trying to work and that they did not know anything about anyone trying to stop her from reporting her story, and that they did not want to answer her questions.

I then went back to talking to the worker who had pointed to the exit door, and I asked him where did the exit door go to & would it get me to the cinema; but I woke up.

The end,

  • John Jr 🙂

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