Stopping A Gunman

I remember the end of my last dream from last night, which took place at W Park in D, and the beginning parts of the dream probably involved me meeting some of my former classmates while I was walking through the park.

At some point my former classmate SM invited me to his house where his parents & younger brother lived, and they lived near where the swimming pool at the park should be.

I met all of his family and at some point they went to other parts of the house for a moment while I waited in the living room, but then a man entered the house.

At first I thought that he was one of their family members or something since he entered the house without knocking, but I noticed that he was acting strange like he was brainwashed / mentally unstable / on drugs / robotic / or something strange like that.

He was acting like a type of dream character that I call Interrupting Dream Characters, he stood by the door looking straight ahead acting strange for a moment, and I greeted him but he ignored me; and he then said something about killing everyone or something like that, and he started to reach for his pocket.

I ran toward him thinking that he was going to pull out a gun, and I could see that he was pulling out a silver-colored stub nosed revolver; and I grabbed his hand & the gun trying to get the gun from him, and I yelled for the others to help.

The man was mostly keeping his body stiff to resist having the gun taken, SM’s dad came to help me, and I managed to take the gun from the man; and I took him to the ground to hold him down until the police got there.

SM’s mom was panicking but she managed to call them police after we told her to call them several times, and at some point police / SWAT automobiles drove up outside.

Outside of the window in a car & looking into the window of the living room I saw a female SWAT member without a helmet wearing black colored fabric to cover her mouth & she had a MP7 submachine gun, and I signaled to her that the man under me was the gunmen & I showed her that I took the gun from him.

She signaled back to me to show that she understood me and she was about to let the other SWAT members know, but then someone in the house behind me started shooting at the windows & walls near the female SWAT member; and so her car drove off to take cover.

I turned around shocked and even more shocking / goofy / crazy / strange was Sylvester Stallone‘s character Barney Ross from The Expendables was the one shooting at the windows & walls, and he was using a M16 assault rifle or M4 carbine; I have no idea how or when he got into the dream. 😀

I yelled for him to stop shooting and that the SWAT team was coming to help us, and that he was going to probably get us killed if he did not stop shooting at them.

Eventually he stopped shooting maybe, I can not remember, I just remember yelling to the SWAT team to not shoot; and that this was a misunderstanding.

I threw the revolver on the ground to appear less threatening and I told the others to get down on the ground to avoid getting shot, I still was holding the gunman from earlier so that he could not escape, but I woke up as I was trying to get the situation under control again.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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