8-19-2012 | Dream Fragments | Stopping A Woman From Attacking/Abusing A Man

What's a Woman?
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I had at least two dreams last night but I forgot most of the dreams due to interruptions again, I know that one dream involved a building & floating/flying/or something like that, but that is all that I can remember of that dream.

I remember part of another dream fragment from days/week/weeks ago, where my cousin ME & I were talking about job websites, and I think that maybe came up the in the conversation; but I am not sure.

Whatever the job website was, I asked my cousin ME if she had ever used it, and she said yes; and I asked her if she had ever gotten a job through that job website, and she said yes & that she had gotten 12 jobs through that website, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Last night I remember part of one dream where I was in a building in a room that might have been a museum-like room/tourist center/rest stop/building near water/a beach/or something like that, and a woman with curly dark/brownish colored hair with whitish/light brownish colored skin and another man were in the room as well.

We were standing/walking around looking at things and/or out of the window, like this was an exhibit of some kind or something, and then a large muscular man with brownish colored skin entered the room; and the woman ran at him, and started hitting him while yelling angry things at him.