At My Parent’s House Cleaning & Complaining

I barely remember part of my last dream, which was a pretty realistic & normal dream.

I forgot almost all the dream, but I remember being at my parent’s house during the night.

I think that I felt sick to my stomach (like I ate something bad), but I am not sure. (After the dream I woke up feeling sick to my stomach as well, something I ate last night probably)

Some of my brothers were being annoying and hard to get along with as usual, and I had to argue with them about cleaning up behind themselves; and they would argue back, and if they finally did clean up one thing, they would act like they did something special like they did not have to clean up anything else that they messed up the entire day or something.

While I was cleaning up behind them and/or going to the bathroom, someone knocked on the door, and my brother CC answered the door; and it was one of his classmates.

I am not sure what he wanted, but I know that he made an inappropriate comment to my mom.

I asked him what he wanted, but I forgot what he said.

My brother CC started talking to him about something, and then I went back to cleaning up behind my brothers or whatever I was doing as usual.

In the dream I remember still being annoyed with my brothers D&D (KD & TD, two spoiled brats) especially, they are the worst of my brothers who give me the hardest time/they do not care about me or respect me really (they rather I die and/or leave)/they insult me a lot/they argue over almost anything/they lie everyday/they make messes throughout the day everyday without cleaning up most of it/and much more, and I was complaining out-loud as usual since I can not do anything else about it as I cleaned up behind them; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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