A Saints Row 2 Dream: Attacking A Stronghold

File:Saints Row 2 Game Cover.jpg
Source: Wikipedia

I remember part of the end of my last dream, which was inspired by the video game Saints Row 2, and it took place in a slightly fictional version of D.

My character and some of his gang members were out somewhere relaxing or something, and another gang attacked them trying to kill my character and some of his gang members; but I am not sure if they killed anyone or not.

I just remember my character being angry and him & some of his gang members left in their automobiles to attack a stronghold of the gang that attacked them.

They arrived at the stronghold, which was my grandfather’s house strangely, and then I was my character at this point; and I had a bag of guns: a pistol that shot BBs, a submachine gun that shot plastic BBs, an assault rifle, and maybe a few more weapons.

The gang members with me split into teams and a woman who looked a bit like Lin from Saints Row & about two other gang members, sneaked into the house, but I can not remember if we had to shoot any guards or not.

I remember that a few of the other gang members and I sneaked/snuck behind a tree, and some of my aunts, cousins, and some unknown kids were in the yard; and so we tried to sneak past them.

I remember sneaking into the house at some point, but some of the kids and one of my aunts saw me & she was calling for me; but I tried to avoid them & I went further into the house.

I do not remember seeing any of the other gangs leaders or members of the other gang at this point, and I wondered where was the rest of my gang that sneaked/snuck into the house earlier; and so I decided that we should probably sneak away now.

A few of the unknown kids followed me, which was annoying & so I tried to hide my guns in my pocket & bags, and they even tried to follow me outside of the gate; and so I had to argue with/talk to them about staying in the yard.

They wanted to walk home because they were bored or something, but they were too young to walk home alone & their parent(s) were at the stronghold in the yard with my aunts.

After holding the gate so that they could not open it and after repeatedly explaining to them that they had to stay with their parent(s), they finally gave up & started to almost cry, and then I started loading my stuff in my automobile while trying to make sure that the rest of my gang was ready to leave; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


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