A Broken Football

I slept pretty good last night and I forgot most of my dreams, but I remember part of my last dream which took place during the day in a fictional city.

I was outside in a field near a small building with several people, a man who looked like or was my former classmate SS was there too, and some of us were playing around with a football that belonged to a man who was there.

I remember kicking the football, running with it, and getting tackled several times (without pads/protective gear).

A man who had a TV show, probably a semi-reality TV show, came to visit and/or do a show; and he made an entrance from the sky that had him floating / spinning in a blurry mostly fake-looking way in the sky & down to the ground.

There was more that happened in this dream before this, but I can not remember those parts; and I can not remember the dreams before this one.

I was not very interested in the man’s TV show or him, and so I continued playing around with the football while most of the others went to talk with the man and/or to be on his show.

The man who owned the football and I were playing American football, and I remember him tackling me a few times; and the football busted / broke when he tackled me and we fell on the football.

The man seemed to really like his football like it was special to him or something, and it the inside of the football was a soft fabric-like material which was strange.

I offered to buy the man a new football and so we went to a sports store, and we were looking at footballs to buy; but I woke up as we talked & looked at footballs.

The night before last I remember dreaming & waking up a few times, not sure if I was awake or dreaming of playing a video game or really experiencing it or not, and I think that it was a Saints Row 3 (Saints Row: The Third)-like game or experience even though I have never played Saints Row 3 yet; but that is all that I can remember.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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