A Corrupt Chief Of Police

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I had several interesting dreams last night, unfortunately, I forgot most of them & I forgot the important parts of the dreams that I do remember; and so they are very unclear and they do not make much sense.

I think that the early dream or dreams involved a college where I probably went to some classes and/or talked with some students & teachers, and something happened at the college that involved the police & maybe something strange like zombies or something; but I am not sure.

I think that I met the chief of police of the fictional city during whatever happened at the school, and I think that he was pretty corrupt & was abusing his power; and he would threaten people, force them to do stuff for him, falsely arrest people, do improper searches of people & their property, lie, and more.

I had met a woman who had a young daughter and she had a woman who was her friend, and the woman with the young daughter & I were starting to become friends & we started dating and/or went on a date near the end of the dream or dreams; but the chief of police was somehow involved with them/bothering them in some way I think.

I remember that most of the dream took place during the day but I forgot most of the interesting parts that took place around the city, at the college, and with the woman & her daughter & her friend; but I do remember that something happened that involved the police again.

The two women came up with a plan to start a police chase or to distract the police or something crazy like that, that probably had something to do with them trying to get the chief of police to stop bothering them or something, and so their crazy plan started; but I do not remember the details.

I just remember that the friend was driving an automobile getting chased by police and the woman & her daughter & I were driving another automobile, and at some point when the police were blocked by a giant truck or something; we picked up the friend in our automobile, and we escaped.

I forgot what happened after this exactly but later I think that the woman and I went on a date during the night, while the friend watched the daughter at her apartment, and after our date we went to pick up the daughter; and I walked them back to their apartment.

But the chief of police approached us, who had already searched the woman’s apartment illegally, and he was a thin tall over-confident man who wore glasses & he had whitish colored skin with short hair at this point but earlier in the dream or dreams he was an average height over-weight man who had grayish/whitish balding hair; I would describe him as slimy/shady/untrustworthy, I thought of a slimy reptilian/reptile/snake when we met him, no offense to reptiles/snakes. 😀

The chief of police seemed to have a lot of power in the city and he did what he wanted mostly, and so he was not afraid to go around the city alone bothering people; because most people would not try to stop him or defend themselves, or they would be arrested.

I was very annoyed by the chief of police but I tried to stay calm and not do anything to get us arrested, and I remember him questioning the woman; and he told us about how he had followed her, and about all the information that he knew about her that he gathered illegally.

He made slightly veiled threats about how he knew where she lived, where her friend lived, what school her daughter goes to, what college the two women went to, and various other personal ways he could threaten her with the information that he had.

We briefly talked and the chief of police did not really find anything else that he could use against her, and so he said goodbye in a villainous way; and he had already made it clear that he could get into her house when he wanted and that he knew a lot about her life.

He walked off smiling, probably laughing, and he probably whistled and/or hummed and/or sang as he walked off in his usual over-confident way.

The woman’s apartment building was a small two-story brick apartment in an alley-like area near a road and there were dark areas near the stairs, and so it looked a bit dangerous at night; but fortunately no one seemed to be hanging out in the neighborhood.

We went to her apartment room on the second floor and we talked about the chief of police, and we probably looked around the apartment to see what he had messed with in the house.

I made some suggestions and we tried to figure out what we could do to help protect the woman, her daughter, and her friend.

I am not sure why the chief of police was bothering them, it seemed that they had done nothing wrong but for some reason he had a special interest in them, like he wanted something and/or enjoyed bothering them especially; he bothered other people around the city as well, but they seemed to be on his list of people he really enjoyed bothering.

We then contacted her friend about what had happened, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂