My Brother CC’s Girlfriend J Goes Missing

I barely remember part of my last dream from last night, which took place during the day out in a country area of a fictional version of D.

I am guessing that I walked along a trail that was next to train tracks (I saw a few trains pass during the dream) that had a road (I might have seen a few automobile pass during the dream but it was a mostly quiet country road) next to the train tracks, and to the right of the trail was a forest; and parts of the trail had bushes and trees that blocked people from being able to see you from the road or train tracks.

At some point I made it to a rectangular shaped field that had WW Plant buildings and/or School Board buildings, but I am not sure why I went there or what I was doing.

I probably saw some wild non-human animals in the forest during my journey, and maybe one or more were dangerous; but I am not sure.

Some of my family might have been at one of the buildings at some point but I can not remember, I just remember some workers, and talking to a few people; and I remember enjoying the quiet/private natural environment, and so the dream probably felt pretty real at this point.

I might have had some memories of past dreams or false memories while exploring the field and covered porch-like areas of the buildings, and it was nice being out there.

At some point I remember my brother CC’s girlfriend J being there and I remember us being cautious about something at some point, but I can not remember what we were cautious about; whatever it was, we came up with a plan to leave back to town.

I made sure that the path was safe and she was going to go ahead while I stayed back briefly for some reason, and I was supposed to meet her at a certain point of the trail; and then we would walk back to town together for safety reasons.

We both had mobile phones earlier in the dream and we were going to use those to communicate until we reached the meeting spot in the trail, and then we started our plan; but I found J’s mobile phone somewhere, so we had no way to communicate now, and she was not in the meeting spot in the trail.

I walked around looking for her and I could not find her, and I was hoping that nothing bad happened to her; and I felt responsible for her safety, and so I called one of the buildings in the field to ask the workers if they had seen her.

I described her appearance, her name, and where she might be to one of the workers on the phone; and he went to look around and ask some of the other workers, but I woke up as I thought about the many possibilities of what might have happened.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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