9-5-2012 | Dream Fragment | Going Back In The Past To School

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Unfortunately I forgot most of my last dream from last night, and so it will be missing a lot of details & it will not make much sense.

I had other dreams and there were more parts to this dream, but I forgot them.

One earlier part of the dream probably involved my grandfather’s house, and later I remember being in a hallway of a school; and I saw a table with something that I made or had or that had my name and/or photograph on it from when I was in Elementary school, but it might have been fictional & I can not remember what it was.

I remember looking at it and thinking of old memories, that might have been fictional, and a few teachers and/or students passed by me in the hallway; and I stood there for a while enjoying some of those memories.

One or more teachers and/or workers at the school said something to me a few times, but I can not remember what they said; but some of them knew me.