Going To The White House? | A Kill List | Hide & Seek

I had about 4 or 5 detailed dreams last night but I forgot all but three of them, and I forgot parts of those 3 dreams due to being awakened a few times & going back to sleep.

Dream 1

The first dream is unclear and I might be accidentally combining two separate dreams, either way it or they took place during the day, and I was riding in a news-van with a man who was a news reporter I think.

We were on our way to the White House I think or thought, but we arrived at a fictional mall-like place maybe; but this could be two separate dreams.

The news reporter had his office call the White House or whatever to let them know that we were coming, and then we knocked on the door; and a security guard who looked and sounded somewhat like Liam Neeson answered the door.

He told the news reporter that he could not let us inside until the people above him cleared us to enter, the news reporter got angry and said that his office had already called ahead of time, and the security guard said that he knew that; but that the people above him were still making their decision on whether to let us enter or not.

The security guard asked us to wait patiently and then he went back inside and closed the door, while the news reporter complained to me about the situation, and we talked about some other things.

I do not think that I worked with his news crew but I could be wrong, I think that he/we were pretending that I worked with his news crew for some unknown reason, and I think that I remember asking him if this was a good idea or not; because I was afraid that I/we would get in trouble if the security found out, but he told me not to worry about it.

At some point the security guard opened the door and he told us that we had been cleared to enter, and so we walked inside; but the security guard had to follow us everywhere for security reasons.

I think that the lobby area looked nice with water fountains, decorations, nice chairs & tables, et cetera; and there were probably some stairways that led to an upper floor, but we stayed on the lower floor.

At some point we met a man who looked like a business owner with a shop in the LC Mall and he also reminded me a bit of the politician Bobby Jindal, and he had a wife with him who was holding their baby daughter; and this man closely followed/led us & talked to us, and his wife followed him quietly everywhere while holding their baby daughter (I do not think that she ever talked, while her husband would almost never stop talking 😀 ).

The man owned several businesses in the mall-like building and he was very proud of them, and he liked to brag a lot; and he had a habit of being too close to us, which I thought was annoying, but it seemed that it was a cultural difference but it still annoyed me as much as his constant bragging & he was a bit annoying in general.

The man was friendly but in an annoying way and he showed us around the first floor while his wife holding their daughter followed, and the security guard followed looking serious & he kept looking around for threats & making sure that we were not threats as well.

At some point we might have briefly seen and/or talked with The President Of The United States but I am not sure, and if we did I can not remember who the president was but I know that it was a man.

The mall-like building on the first floor started nice but other areas started to get emptier with many businesses that seemed to have went out of business like the economy was even worse, and I remember commenting that a lot of things were missing now & that the place felt empty now compared to how it used to be; so I had memories of this place, so maybe I dreamed of it before or something like that.

Things got uglier the further we went through the first floor, the last area that I remember had old & dirty arcade gaming systems unevenly lined up on both sides of the walking area, since all the stores on this end were out of business, and this area might have had the most people in it; and there were teenagers and adults playing old arcade games, and I stopped to watch & I probably played a few games as well.

It was odd to see the place in this condition and to see old arcades again, but it was somewhat nice to see that this area had a bit of life left; but it was still a bit depressing.

The business man, his wife carrying their daughter, the security guard, the news reporter, and I were still together during this part; and I think that they security guard might have said that we needed to keep moving again since we had wasted a bit too much time by the arcades, but I woke up.

Dream 2

The second dream is the most unclear and so it does not make sense, I just remember being in D during the day, and three men and I were given a list to kill 4 or more vampire-like beings (I am not sure what they were either, but they looked Human like us); and the four of us were not completely Human or Human, but I am not sure what we were exactly but we looked Human.

I do not know who gave us the list or why, but the vampire-like beings seemed to be a threat, and my kind seemed to have a special connection with/against them that allowed us to be specially fit/suited/prepared to kill them; I am not the type to go killing for no reason in dreams usually, so it must have been serious or they must have done something that I considered worse enough for me to help hunt them down.

I think that the four of us each picked a person on the list to kill and we probably drove together to each target, and who ever picked that person was the one who fought/killed that person alone while the rest of us would stand closely by but we would not help.

We would give our targets a few seconds to realize that they were going to be killed to give them a chance to run, hide, or fight; and then one of us would kill them.

We would partly transform into another form or completely before killing them, maybe something werewolf-like, but I am not sure.

Whatever we were, once the vampire-like beings realized what we were, they would get so terrified that they usually would freeze/not move since they felt that they could not run or hide or defeat one of us; and then one of us would kill them.

Somehow we managed to kill our targets in the day without any witnesses, magically no one was around when we went to kill each target, I think that one target was in a dentist office working as a secretary and one target was at home and one target was walking in a quiet area not far from the police station and my target was walking by the library.

The only kill that I remember was the target that I had to kill, who was a man walking by the library, and the four of us walked toward him looking like we were there to kill him; which was our way of warning them without talking.

We walked up to the man with straight faces, the other three men stayed back watching with straight faces while I walked forward to let my target know that it will/would be me who would kill him, and then he showed his fangs or that he was not Human or something like that while preparing to attack me since he thought that I was just a normal Human; but then I partly transformed my head/mouth into my other form to where my head & teeth were bigger & probably different from my Human form and I had longer sharp teeth, and the man then realized what I was, and he stopped in terror realizing that he could not win or run or hide.

I quickly cut open his entire throat/neck with one swipe of my mouth/teeth across his neck/throat without even biting so my teeth were very sharp, and the man fell to the ground quickly bleeding out & he died; and I transformed my head & mouth back to my normal Human form.

No one was around magically when this happened even though we were outside next to the library by the road during the day 😀 , and then we started walking off to either decide who would kill the last target or to return to who ever gave us the list; but I woke up.

Dream 3

My last dream was probably the longest but I forgot a lot of it, I just remember being in a fictional city on a college campus during the day, and a football game was going on; and a lot of people from D had traveled to this city to see the football game and to explore the college campus, and I was one of those people.

I saw some of my former classmates throughout the dream and I think that my former classmate FS & some of her family & some of her friends saw me, and they stopped to greet me; and FS liked me romantically even though I did not like her in that way, and somehow she led her family & friends into chasing me around the entire dream to catch me for her.

It was like a partly serious and partly fun game of hide and seek, and I ran & hid around college buildings, stores, parking lots, et cetera.

One building was like a college building combined with a mall and there were many floors, and so we spent a lot of time running around that building; and FS’s little cousins were the best at tracking me down, and they enjoyed it since it was a game to them. 😀

At some point I temporarily escaped them and I came across an attractive woman with whitish colored skin with blond colored hair, and I remember having a connection with her & being attracted to her; but I am not sure if we already knew each other somehow or not, I just remember that we spent some time together, and we might have even went on a date.

I told her about how FS, her family, and her friends were after me; and so we probably hid at her apartment for a while, and spent some time together there.

At some point FS’s group came toward the apartments so we went to the mall-like areas, and we went around the mall-like area on maybe a date; and we were having a good time, but FS’s group found me & we ran.

The woman seemed to enjoy the hiding and running, and she was pretty good at it; and we split up a few times to confuse FS’s group, who did not even know who the woman was and they probably did not even know that we were together; but the woman ran & hid anyway for fun.

We would meet up again each time that we split up to hide & run, and I started to wonder if the woman felt a connection with me or if she was even attracted to me; or was she just enjoying the big game of hide and seek.

I think that I started to wonder about this after the woman seemed to start being a bit distant later in the dream, but I am not sure; either way, I did not want FS or her group to find out about the woman, for her safety and so I probably told the woman that we should split up and not meet back up until FS and her group finally stopped chasing me.

I remember escaping FS’s little cousins and I ran to a parking lot where I met and talked with some of my former classmates like MP(BJ), and he told me that they had yearly passes to see all the football games of the college that we were at; and then they walked to watch the football game at the stadium, while I waited around the parking lot since FS’s group had not found me there yet.

I took that time to think about the woman and to think about how to deal with FS and her group, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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