Portals And The Beast

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I only remember part of an unclear dream fragment from last night, which took place during the day at a fictional college apartment/dorm, and I was in an apartment/dorm room with several people including some of my former classmates such as DH, JC, MT, SS, and maybe JB.

I can not remember much of the details but I remember talking about college and other stuff with the people in the room, and the apartment/dorm room to the right of my room was empty; and oddly there was a window and/or window blind-like thing that had a lens/window on it that allowed you to see into the empty room that had no furniture.

There was probably a small balcony for each room and besides talking some of us might have watched some TV and/or played some video games and/or ate and/or drank et cetera.

At some point something very strange happened but I can not remember what happened exactly, I just remember that a portal had appeared in the air & it opened inside of my room somehow (I think that the portal was a bluish and whitish color and it probably had a somewhat circular shape and it moved/twirled or something like that & it might have made a sound(s) & it might have had a wind-like effect/affect to it but I am not sure), and at some point I remember there was a being in my room who probably reminded me somewhat of The Beast from Beauty And The Beast; and he was taller than all of us, he wore clothes, and he could talk.

Something (a being/creäture) else or something probably came out of the portal first and maybe we had to defeat it or deal with it, I am not sure, but Beast (I will call him this since I do not know who or what he was, and he reminded me slightly of Beast) helped us.

At some point we finished dealing with that and I remember going into the portal, and it led to a room that was about the size of two or three of our rooms; and inside that room was another room that led to another portal, but none of us went into that room or portal.

The both rooms were darker than my room since the only light source were strange/unique colors/lighting but the first room was brighter than the second room, and the first room had a strange unique blend of dreamy surreal-like colors to the environment; it was like being in another world/dimension/how you would expect the inside of a portal to look, and it had a unique feeling & quietness to it that was not normal but dream-like in a strange surreal-like way if that is the word.

The second room was pretty dark and we did not go into it, but I could see another portal inside of the second room; and the portal in there was darker than the first portal, and it probably had a dark purplish and whitish and blackish color.

The first room was very still probably and quiet in a very strange but interesting way, like time was frozen almost or something, and there might have been a foggy/misty look to the environment as well; but I am not sure.

I am not sure how much time we spent inside the first room behind the first portal or what we were doing.

We got a powerful/dangerous object/relic/weapon/whatever that was supposedly powerful and dangerous according to Beast, and so we let him handle it mostly; I am not sure what it was but it might have been a weapon and I am not sure how we got it, probably from whatever we had to defeat/deal with, and we brought it back to my room.

Beast felt that it was too dangerous for anyone to have and so he considered keeping it to prevent anyone from using it, since he felt that it was so powerful & dangerous that most people would use it to do bad things, and/or that it could corrupt them into doing bad things; but he felt that even he was not immune to its power and/or using it for bad, and so we tried to figure out what to do with it.

I came up with the idea that one of us could take it into the portal, walk into the second room & walk through the second portal, and find somewhere to hide and/or destroy it; and I probably offered to do it, even though there was a chance that the portals would close and I would never be able to come back unless I could open the portals again, and we had no idea what was on the other side of the second portal.

Beast felt that he should do it, maybe since he probably was not from our World/dimension/whatever, but I am not sure; I just know that he felt that it was better if he took the risk instead of us.

I once again offered to do it but he still wanted to do it, and so we wished him good luck; and he entered the portal to hide and/or destroy the object.

The rest of us waited, talked, and messed around with the blind-like thing and/or window for the empty room; and I remember calling & talking with my former classmate JC, and he probably came to visit at some point.

I remember recommending that he rent the apartment/dorm next to mine, and he was considering returning to college or he was already in college again.

The portal was still open in my room, which was a good sign, but we wondered if Beast was successful & if he came back, would the portal close eventually or would we have to figure out how to close it?

I woke up shortly after this.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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