Hide And Protect

I remember part of my last dream which had three connected parts to the dream, but I forgot most of the first part.

The first part took place at an old house that had several floors and I remember exploring the house looking around at stuff like I was looking at old antiques/ancient relics or something, and I felt a bit like an archaeologist or something; and one or more people might have been at the house with me (like some of my family and maybe a few other people), but I am not sure.

At some point something happened that I can not remember, and a man (who probably was not Human) and his henchmen (who were large, strong, slow, and some of them were probably robots) started chasing me for some unknown reason.

I remember there was a woman and maybe a baby at some point in the dream either before the chase or after the chase, I am not sure which, and maybe the woman and/or baby were my wife & kid but I am not sure; I just remember trying to protect them as we got chased.

The house was connected to a mall-like building complex that had stores, a medical clinic/hospital area, a library, restaurants, bars, offices, and more; and so we had a lot of places to run and hide.

There were people around the building complex but oddly no one seemed to care or help as we were being chased, at some point we temporarily lost/escaped from the people chasing us, and then I moved the woman and baby (if there was a baby) to a certain section of the building where they would be safer.

I decided that they should stay there while I would lead the people chasing us further across the building complex so that they would be unlikely to search the part of the building where the woman and baby were again, and I wanted them to focus on chasing me instead of them.

I remember feeling especially protective of the woman and the baby and I remember feeling especially connected with/emotional/caring toward them , that is why I think that maybe the woman was my wife and the baby was our baby, but that is just a guess.

As I ran around the building complex leading the people chasing us further away from the woman and the baby, I found an area that was like another dream world, and it led to my parent’s yard during the night; the building complex dream world was happening during the day in a fictional place, but not this dream world but I was still in the same dream but different dream worlds it seemed.

In the dream world in my parent’s yard at night there was a young fox-like animal that might have had rabies, and it kept trying to attack me; and so I had to run from it, fight it, dodge its attacks.

It would not stop trying to attack/kill me and so I wanted to kill it and I could have but I thought that it had rabies and I did not want to risk some of its body fluids contaminating me and/or the yard, my brothers pet dogs were tied up in the yard, and so I was trying to figure out how to safely kill it.

The young fox-like animal was lucky that I did not kill it like I wanted to, and it even forced me to climb a tree to escape it a few times; and it did not attack the dogs oddly, and they did not attack it.

Eventually I escaped back into the other dream world in the building complex, and I started getting chased again by the group of people; and I escaped them at some point temporarily.

I went to see if the woman and the baby were okay and they were, and I told them that I probably would not come back to check on them again until I had permanently escaped or stopped the people chasing us; since it was too dangerous.

I did not like leaving them unprotected but it was safer than them running with me, and I probably took a few moments spending time with them before I left where I probably held the baby briefly & gave the woman a hug & kiss before leaving again.

Among the people chasing me were some robot-like henchmen who were the easiest to escape from, since they were slow & stupid, and I even started to confuse the robot henchmen so bad that they would destroy themselves accidentally. 😀

Eventually only the Human-like henchmen and their leader were left, and at some point I escaped back into the other dream world in my parent’s yard; and the young fox that probably had rabies started to attack me again, and it managed to scratch me on my hand to my terror/shock.

I was afraid that I might be infected with rabies too and so I kicked the young fox away, and I ran into the other dream world in the building complex to run to the medical clinic/hospital area for help; but the leader and his henchmen chased me, and I was forced to run to another area.

I escaped them again temporarily and in the store section of the building complex & I remember coming across a man who looked like my former classmate PW, and I asked him if he was PW but the man looked confused and said that he did not know anyone named PW; and then he said that he was not PW, and then he looked at me like he thought that I looked familiar, and he looked familiar to me too even though he was not PW supposedly.

The man said that I looked familiar and I said the same thing, and so we started to walk & talk; and we went into the other dream world I think but it was during the day now & we were at the G house next to my parents yard.

At some point the leader of the group of people chasing me found me as the man & I talked in front of the G house, and I think that the leader looked somewhat like the almost 3,000 year old vampire Russell Edgington from the TV show True Blood; and he did not seem to be Human, but he looked Human.

He seemed powerful and over-confident as he walked toward me now that I was trapped, and I was starting to run & he was starting to chase me but the man who I had talked to pulled out a sword or some kind of melee weapon and he chopped the leader’s arms, legs, and half of his head off to my surprise.

Oddly there was no blood or body parts hanging out, just cleanly cut body parts on the ground, and even more odd was that the leader was not dead; he could slightly move using the stumps where his arms & legs used to be, and he could talk even though almost half of his head was cut off.

Even more shockingly was that as I was thanking the man for saving me, he cut me up like the leader, and then I was on the ground without arms, legs, and almost half of my head was cut off; but I was still alive too and I could talk.

The man seemed to be hoping to get paid a lot of money for turning the leader and me in since he felt that we were worth a lot of money like there was a bounty on us or something like that, and he was making phone calls with a mobile phone to see who would offer him the most money to turn us in.

The leader was rich and so he was offering to pay the man more than who ever he was calling on his mobile phone, if he would help put his body back together and let him take me, and so the man hung up his mobile phone to listen to the leaders offer.

I am poor and so I tried to convince the man to help save me since it was the right thing to do, and that the leader was a dangerous man/being who had chased me, the woman, and baby; and that he had henchmen after us as well.

I told him that I had not done anything bad that I know of to have them chasing us, but I was not sure if the man was really listening to me or not since he seemed more interested in money; and so the leader and I both were on the ground next to our cut off body parts begging the man to help us.

The man stood there comparing our offers and the offers of the people he had called on his mobile phone, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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WHAT! YOu can’t wake up now!! I want to hear the rest of the story.
Hmmmm, did that multistory house have a large round water fountain with lion heads? I’ve dreamed a few times of a large mansion with a large fountain and lion heads. Sometimes it’s full of water, other times I’ve seen it full of gold. (personally I’d pick water over gold any day). Your dream reminded me of that.
I hate that when you dream everything makes perfect since, even though when you dream your saying “this doesn’t make since”, but when you wake up you try to figure out why everything went from one extreme to the other.
I’m curious as to who the bad guy was. YOu don’t recall who it was or represented? No feeling of what the bad guy might have been? The nice guy that suddenly became your enemy…that hit me as the saying “keep your friends close and your enemies closer”. Either you have a friend that’s close to you, that you do not know as well as you think and your mind is trying to tell you to run. Or…Or….hmmm I don’t know.
I like this dream though. Reminds me of some of mine. I’ve had an animal attack me in much of the same way. But it was not a fox. HOpe you drop kicked that evil dream fox after it bit you. *LOL*
YOu’ll have to let me know if you ever figured out the meaning of this dream. It’s a very interesting dream with looks like multiple meanings.

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Hello Seepurple,

Yeah, that dream did end on/with a cliffhanger. 😀

I had to read this dream again because I had forgotten about it (I had this dream back in 2012 😉 ), I can still remember some parts of it, but unfortunately I can not remember if there was a round water fountain with lion heads or not 😦 ; but oddly that almost seems familiar to me, but I am not sure why. 😀

A fountain that is sometimes full of gold, sometimes full of water, and sometimes empty; that sounds interesting, I can somewhat visualize/imagine it, but like you I would rather have it full of water (unless I am able to sell the gold in real life). 😉

Yeah, I often assume there must be some logical explanation when I am in the dream or that maybe I am imagining things, but sometimes I will admit that something does not make sense but I usually do not make a big deal about it; and rarely I will realize that I am dreaming thanks to this and the dream goes lucid, and I try to control parts of the dream usually.

I can not remember anything about the main bad guy/leader/villain other than what I typed about the he reminded me of/looked like the vampire Russell Edgington ( from the television show True Blood, and so maybe he was based on him or was him and maybe he was a vampire but unfortunately I am not sure and was probably not even sure in the dream.

About the nice guy/the guy who helped me but then turned on me, those are some interesting thoughts that I had not thought of, thank you for sharing that. 🙂

Yes, I definitely kicked that fox, pretty hard too. 😀 😉

Having a fox in a dream and having a real life non-human animal like that trying to attack me is uncommon and very rare for my dreams, and so that is interesting.

I usually do not try to find meaning in my dreams unless something stands out to me, I can not remember what was going on in my life during the time that I had this dream and I am not good at dream interpretation, and so I have no idea if this dream had any meaning or not unfortunately 😦 ; but the part where people in the mall did not seem to care that we were being chased could mean that you have to protect yourself and not expect others to do that/so, but that is just a wild guess. 😀

Thank you for commenting Seepurple. 🙂

-John Jr

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