Mr. Marcus Making A Movie While Almost In Debt

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

I barely remember part of two dreams from last night, with the first dream taking place at a fictional hotel during the day and then later into the night & the next morning, and I was there with my family.

I can not remember most of the dream but I think that during the dream one or more of my brothers were having daydreams and/or dreams and/or stories that they were interacting with that appeared inside my dream.

It was like they were making their own movies and/or TV shows in my dream that were appearing in my dream world like parts of the dream, like they could project their dreams/daydreams into my dream or something, maybe.

I was probably able to take part in some of these dreams/daydreams that were movie and TV show-like, there were a variety of them, but I can not remember any of them.

The dream started in the day and went on until the night when we went to sleep probably, and the next morning we probably woke up to get ready; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

The last dream involved Mr. Marcus who seemed to be having financial problems, and so he wanted to make a cheap film that he would direct / produce / star in / film / edit / et cetera; but he needed to hire one or more actresses, so he put an advertisement on Craigslist or something like that.

Actresses that saw his ad came to his house, which was in a somewhat nice neighborhood that looked like it was maybe in California with a few palm-like trees around, and his house was one floor.

Mr. Marcus had food and drinks, cheap ones to save money, for everyone to eat & drink; and he tried to make it seem that he had more money than he really had.

He had the actresses that were interested in being in the film start signing paperwork while he was going around greeting people and preparing everything, I think that he only wanted actresses instead of actors for his movie, but I could be wrong.

Mr. Marcus was probably not even sure if he would have enough to pay the actresses or not, I think that he was hoping that the film would make enough money so that he could pay them later, and so he was taking some serious risks with this film project of his.

If the film failed then he would be in debt and he would probably get sued by the actresses, but Mr. Marcus tried to stay positive and he continue pretending that everything was okay; but he realized that he would only be able to hire one or a few actresses, and so he would have to pick only a few of them who came.

One of the actresses who came was the pornographic actress A but I can not remember who else was there, and I think that maybe a man came to see Mr. Marcus; and I think that this man was his accountant or someone there to remind him that he did not have much money left.

The man went to talk with Mr. Marcus alone in one of the rooms, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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