The United States & The Russian & The Chinese Militaries + Strange Weather + Dream Experiences = ?

I remember part of an amazing dream or dreams but my memory is unclear and there are time jumps, and the dream itself had a lot of mystery/unknowns.

I am not sure if this part is a separate dream or not, but I remember being in a room or military tent or something with several other people; and maybe military intelligence and/or one or more intelligence agencies had brought several people & I to the room or tent or where-ever for reasons unknown.

They showed us a video without any context or explanation and I am not sure if it was live or recorded, they did not say, and I remember that the video started zoomed in very closely to what appeared to be a group of men.

I just remember seeing skin and some mustaches because the video was zoomed in too close to even see the people’s faces, and I remember thinking Mexico and maybe one or more countries where I thought that the people in the video were from and/or in.

I remember asking questions but the people showing us the video, who I think were men with whitish colored skin wearing black suits with black shades with black ties with black shoes with black belts with white dress shirts (Men In Black-like), did not respond to any of my/our questions; and they seemed to be watching our reactions to the video very closely, like they were testing our physical/emotional/mental reactions with equipment and/or maybe even reading our minds or something.

After the video was finished I think that they still did not tell us anything and they probably let us go outside, but I can not remember.

This could be a new dream or maybe it is the same dream, I am not sure, I just remember going outside from the room or tent or whatever or being outside; and we/I were in a field that looked like the field near the D Junior High School, and it seemed that The United States (US) military had a temporary base in the field that we were on.

The military seemed to be mobilizing with soldiers gearing up and officers giving out orders, and next to this temporary base was a Russian military base oddly; and there was no fence and both militaries were mobilizing and both militaries were watching each other closely.

I thought that maybe The United States and Russia were preparing to fight a war against each other at first, but as I was standing near a group of soldiers listening to an officer I remember that the officer mentioned that the Chinese military was mobilizing & that they would arrive soon; and the officer seemed more worried about the Chinese military than the Russian military, but he was cautious about both.

I wondered what in the world was going on and could this small base and/or the US military beat the Russian military and/or Chinese military in mostly infantry combat and/or a war, but no one mentioned war & I was just assuming this at first; and there seemed to be something else really going on that no one seemed to be telling us.

The officers did not even seem to know what was going on exactly and it seemed that most of the military was not being told the truth about what was really going on, and so they were just mobilizing & keeping an eye on the Russian & Chinese military just in case.

I probably asked some questions to a variety of people, but most people did not know much or anything; and at some point an officer was assigning people into teams to load up on helicopters, and I was assigned with three soldiers & we boarded a helicopter.

Our team leader was the pilot, his friend & fellow soldier was his copilot, the third soldier was a rookie soldier who had never flown in a helicopter, and I had never flown in a helicopter & I probably was not even a soldier; and so the rookie solider and I were nervous, the pilot & co-pilot were calm/cool and ready to have some fun. 😀

The pilot & co-pilot had already been given orders that the rookie solider & I did not know about, and I remember cautiously boarding the helicopter wondering if the blades would pull me in the air & chop me up or something; and we flew off.

The pilot almost crashed the helicopter when he tipped a power-line or something not far from the field, this moment was very serious and realistic, but he managed to avoid crashing; he was very serious during that moment, but afterward him & the co-pilot laughed & celebrated while the rookie soldier & I were still in shock.

The pilot was a man who liked to have fun it seemed & he looked somewhat like the actor Liev Schreiber and his co-pilot looked like the actor Willem Dafoe, the pilot said that we had some time to spare and that he wanted to help get the rookie soldier & I somewhat used to riding in a helicopter, and so he started flying around like crazy.

The helicopter riding experience was very realistic, scary, fun, and amazing at the same time; it was something that you would have to experience for yourself to know how it/I felt.

The pilot would fly down to the ground as fast as he could, then up in the sky as fast as he could, and he did this over & over; it was amazing and felt real.

He even started to do crazy stunts and maneuvers, and at some point we landed in a semi-clearing in some woods near a neighborhood; all the while the weather was probably getting grayer and/or stranger, but we did not pay attention to it really with all the fun that was going on.

We walked through the sidewalks of the neighborhood in a movie-like real-life-like way where we had some amazing moments that were like the rare moments in real-life that you remember years later, where you connect with other people/places/things & the lighting & the environment & the feelings/emotions all come together in an amazing movie scene-like way.

We started to notice that the weather was weird and it might have started to rain, but we were too busy having a great time & I think that there was another amazing moment where the rain & water on the ground had an interesting grayish look & silky appearance, and there was probably an amazing moment where we opened our arms in the air to feel the rain & then we probably touched the water on the ground while celebrating like it was so amazing like we had just been released from a jail cell in a pit of darkness & were seeing rain for the first time in years or something; it was an amazing & magical moment like a great movie scene and/or real-life moment.

But then we started to notice that the weather was even weirder than we thought and it seemed that maybe the groundwater was starting to come to the surface, and the ground started to flood right before our eyes like something weird was going on with the planet/weather; and then we remembered the helicopter and we ran to try to find it before it got flooded or something.

I am not sure if we found the helicopter or not and I am not sure how high the water level got, probably not very high, because I remember us seeing some people in military uniforms across a field walking into a small building complex, and so we wondered if they had stolen the helicopter and/or our stuff inside of it; and we wondered if they were Chinese soldiers, and so we sneaked over to the building complex to face them.

I am still not sure what our teams mission was or what was going on, but we all felt that something big/strange was happening that we were not being told about.

We sneaked into the small building complex and I noticed that the uniforms that the people were wearing were probably US military uniforms or ally military uniforms, and so I was about to talk to them; but I noticed that they had wild non-military haircuts & tattoos & they looked like a gang of men & women who stole the uniforms so they could go around committing crimes.

A female member of the group saw me as I was trying to turn around to hide, and she was about to shoot me but we/I shot her; and we shot a group of her people who were with her, and a shoot-out began that we probably won since we caught them by surprise but I am not sure.

The next thing that I remember is being at the same small building complex and/or at another one, and my family & some of my mom’s side of the family were there & some other people; and they seemed to be gathering there for safety due to the strange weather and whatever else was going on.

Something strange/amazing happened when I entered the building complex before I talked with any of my direct family or my indirect family, my team was not with me in the dream at this point it seemed, but my memory of this strange/amazing thing is very unclear & confusing so it does not make much sense.

There was a mother and/or female scientist and a young daughter and/or female science experiment/being near the entrance on a couch, and something happened where another small science experiment/being or something might have entered the room & was stopped by another or the first small female science experiment/being; but I am not sure and this is too unclear.

After whatever happened after that was that I remember sitting on the couch with the mother and/or female scientist and the young daughter and/or female science experiment/being, and I read and/or was shown a document or something and/or I was told about their story and/or I saw flashbacks of their story.

The daughter and/or female science experiment/being had maybe lost her ability to feel and/or express emotions or something like that maybe after something happened that might have been a strange negative reaction to a medicine/chemical/procedure/experiment/or something that I can not remember, and she wanted to be able to feel her emotions again and express them or something like that to her mom and/or the female scientist.

This is all super unclear but something amazing/magical/emotional happened where somehow I was able to feel what the daughter and/or female science experiment/being wanted to feel and I was able to express it for her through me or something like that, it was an over-whelming experience that left me in tears & I started to break up/down emotionally/get emotional in a realistic way as the mother and/or female scientist helped encourage me that it was okay to express those emotions (I am not the crying type or the type that cries in front of other people, and so this was quite an experience) & she helped to comfort me as I tried to recover from the experience of being able to feel & express the daughter’s and/or female science experiment’s/being’s emotions/feelings/& I was able to know/see some of her life/history while also feeling my feelings/emotions at the same time.

My memory of this is very unclear but it was an amazing experience that you would have to experience yourself to know what it was like or to make much sense of it.

After that something happened I think that allowed the daughter and/or female science experiment/being to once again be able to feel emotions & express them or something like that, and so there was a happy ending where the daughter and/or female science experiment/being sat with the mother and/or female scientist expressing her love & gratitude; and I said goodbye and I walked off so that they could enjoy their moment.

Further in the building complex my direct and indirect family had set up couches, beds, supplies, food, water, TVs, et cetera; and the electricity was working.

I took some time to talk with several people like my aunt DE, cousin CE, cousin ME, uncle EE, some of my young cousins, a few other indirect family members, and my mom.

I do not think that anyone else really knew what was going on either, I remember talking to my mom, and trying to make sense of everything; and I was probably considering leaving to find answers and/or more supplies and/or my team, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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