9-18-2012 | Dream Journal | Victims Of Corporatized Housing | Looking For Grace

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*I woke up from these dreams with a variety of feelings/thoughts/insights/meanings that I will not share for a variety of reasons since these dreams involved heavy inspiration from some of my real life experiences and even if I tried I would not express them in words properly, and some of my descriptions of the dreams below do not properly express the dreams in some places so expect some jibber jabber since I could not properly express things in writing clearly/my head hurts/I am tired/I have been at the dentist for most of the day/et cetera et cetera & so what I wrote below does not properly express some of what I felt/thought/saw/et cetera in the dreams*

I remember part of two dreams from last night that seemed to be inspired and based on some of my personal experiences in the real world, some things that I have seen, some things that I have heard, some things that I have dreamed in the past, and by two videos on Democracy Now! with a Chris Hedges interview that I watched before going to bed:

Chris Hedges: Dems Owe Chicago Public Teachers Support for “Most Important Labor Action in Decades”

Chris Hedges on 9/11, Touring U.S. Economic Disaster Zones in “Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt”

I only remember the end of the first dream which took place during the day in a fictional dream world that I have dreamed of several times before in the past, the dream world & situation were pretty much the same as the last one or more times that I have dreamed of it/them, and a corporatized college housing department was the focus of the dream/those dreams.

Like the last dream that I had of this dream world the corporatized college housing department had some over-priced, poorly made, poorly maintained/not maintained at all, et cetera apartments/dorms on several dock areas & several dorm/apartment boat houses & several apartments/dorms near the dock areas & several apartments/dorms further on land.

Like the last dream most of the boat apartments/apartments on the dock areas/and apartments near the dock areas were destroyed or in very poor condition, they were very cheaply built like many RVs & not maintained much or at all by the housing department, and so they would either break and/or get so bad that the housing department would destroy them themselves or they continued to rent them out until they broke.

Mostly financially poor people from Africa & maybe Mexico were living there still, like in the last dream, and they were being taken advantage of by the housing department; the housing department took advantage of everyone who rented from them with overly high prices/unnecessary rules/they did not follow their obligations/et cetera.

I was one of the people who had also been taken advantage of in the last dream and maybe this one, I remember complaining to the uncaring/cold corporatized workers at the housing department, and I might have even briefly talked with someone in a higher position surprisingly; and I think that he was one of the most unlikable stereotypical uncaring/cold corporate business person types who wore a suit was over-weight/obese had a business style haircut had whitish colored skin and was probably late middle-aged.

No one seemed to care about us as usual and they only seemed to care about money/greed/their unbalanced harmful corporate system/unbalanced harmful capitalistic system/et cetera.

The workers had their jobs & money, and so us poor people did not matter to them.

They were turning the area into a ghost/abandoned-looking neighborhood of mostly destroyed & falling apart apartments, while over-charging us renters, and they did not take care of their responsibilities.

There was a lot more going on but I can not remember the details, I just know that they did not care and they were destroying the area & the poor people who were trying to work/find jobs/go to school/survive, and they were making money/profits during all of this.

I remember walking around looking at the destruction myself, the barely surviving poor being taken advantage of by this unbalanced harmful corporatized system and those who support it and keep it going, and I felt disgusted/angry/sad/and a bit hopeless by it.

It seemed that there was not much that I could do, so many years of being broken down by the system, and there we are/were trying to survive while watching our world & ourselves fall apart/be killed under that system.

I thought about the potential for good things to happen as well and that gave me a bit of hope, but the reality of things made that seem very unlikely; but that is all that I can remember.

The second dream took place inside of a Walmart-like store where I was living in an apartment suite inside of the store, oddly the store had about three apartment suites in it, and living in my suite was my former classmate AM’s mom/my former co-worker Mrs. M & a female friend of Mrs. M & an elderly man with brownish colored skin & Grace Randolph from the YouTube channel BeyondTheTrailer.

Grace seemed to have the best job out of everyone but we all were struggling it seemed, and we all were friendly to each other & we helped each other; and Grace was probably the nicest person in our suite.

It seemed that the poor and middle class were struggling in a similar way now, like there was not really a middle class or the two classes were now closer together, but the upper class were still doing good as usual & they were not struggling.

It seemed that the upper class was mostly out-of-sight probably in their mansions/castles/board rooms/nice neighborhoods or something, while people desperate for jobs who were lucky enough to get a job did their bidding/dirty work in exchange for a poor salary/poor benefits or no benefits/poor work environment/et cetera, and most of these workers would then stop caring about the rest of us it seemed.

Things seemed more corporatized/fascist/corporate/et cetera, regular people seemed to have less rights & support, and so it was like corporations and/or a very corporatized government were openly running things or something maybe.

I remember coming and going from the apartment suite a few times, and talking with some of my suite-mates; I think that most of us had jobs and/or were looking for jobs, jobs were even harder to get than now, and they were even worse than now.

At some point Mrs. M and her friend invited me to their room to eat some snacks and maybe watch a movie on their TV, and some point after that we all got letters saying that the corporation/store was considering removing the apartments one day.

We all asked each other if we had gotten the same letter, we all had gotten the same letter, and I went to the information desk in the store to get more information about the letter.

Two uncaring women were at the information desk wasting time as a woman stood in line in front of me, they ignored us & they played around at their desk & they took breaks et cetera, and then they finally started helping the woman; and I walked off to waste some time until they finally finished with the woman in front of me in line.

I walked past our apartment suite but it was gone and a drink section was now where our suite used to be, I was shocked since I was only gone for 10 – 30 minutes, and so I went to see if the other suites were gone; and they were gone with nothing but a broken concrete floor left, and a bunch of temporary low paid workers who looked like they were probably from Mexico were working to prepare the floor to pour new concrete to fix the broken floor.

I wondered how in the world did they do this so fast, were my suite-mates killed in the destruction of the suite, was our stuff destroyed, why did they do this when they just gave us a letter saying that they were only considering closing the suites one day, and I wondered/thought about many more things.

I wanted to find Grace since she was the most helpful & nicest person in the suite with probably the best job and I wanted to become friends with her and I hoped that she could help me make sense of the situation and/or get a job, but I did not know how to contact her or find her or if she was even alive now.

I went back to the information desk and the two uncaring women did the same annoying time-wasting tricks and then I started to tell them why I was there, but they did not care about what I said or my questions; and I ended up walking off once I realized they were not going to help me or give answers.

I remember walking around thinking about the situation and trying to find Grace, and at some point I saw my former classmate DS who was working for the store/corporation as a low paid stocker.

He had his hair dyed blondish and he was pushing a pallet jack with pallets of merchandise that he was going to stock/put on the shelves, and he briefly greeted me.

DS seemed a bit broken & not like himself but he was glad that he had a job which was even harder to get than now and he continued on with his work, I was glad that he had a job, but not glad about his pay/working conditions and the job environment/economy in general.

I continued walking around thinking about the situation while hoping to find Grace, she seemed to be the only bit of hope of the dream and so in a way looking for Grace was like looking for grace(?)/hope like she was a symbol that represented something/someone else, so I kept trying to find her because if I could find her maybe there was some hope and/or at least I would be around a nice person who would help make life survivable/less painful/hard/worth living/whatever; but I felt that I would not find her probably and I regretted not getting her contact information earlier in the dream.

I felt mostly hopeless about the system but I saw some hope in the fact that my suite-mates and I had helped each other, and that maybe there was some hope in some people helping each other regardless of the system & how bad it got/became/was and/or regardless if we failed to improve the system/survive the system in the end.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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