9-20-2012 | Dream Fragment(s) | Traveling Around D And Successful John Jr Gets Shot

...Nothing but a Dream
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I remember part of a dream or two dreams from last night that took place in D during the day, and I was moving around from place to place.

I think that maybe the dream or dreams were about me trying to get used to/comfortable with the idea that at this rate I might end up staying D forever, and so maybe this dream or dreams were trying to get me comfortable/to accept that possibility.

I remember being at my parents house in the beginning talking with my dad about things maybe related to that possibility, and then maybe one or more of my brothers and I left in my automobile or maybe I left alone in my automobile .

We/I drove around Eastside and we/I stopped a few times to talk with people in the neighborhood, walk around, play sports/games with some of the younger & older people who invited us to play with them, and spent time enjoying the weather which was nice.

I remember some kids asking me questions about various things and they probably had me play some games with them, which was a bit fun, and it felt good to help inform/teach the kids about various things that might help them later in life.

At some point I remember seeing a man in our neighborhood who often walks places everyday, he was walking as usual, and later I returned to my parent’s house briefly (maybe to drop off my brother or brothers); and I got an email from the man who I saw walking earlier, and in the email he asked me if I planned on being in D on my birthday.

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