9-20-2012 | Dream Fragment(s) | Traveling Around D And Successful John Jr Gets Shot

...Nothing but a Dream
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I remember part of a dream or two dreams from last night that took place in D during the day, and I was moving around from place to place.

I think that maybe the dream or dreams were about me trying to get used to/comfortable with the idea that at this rate I might end up staying D forever, and so maybe this dream or dreams were trying to get me comfortable/to accept that possibility.

I remember being at my parents house in the beginning talking with my dad about things maybe related to that possibility, and then maybe one or more of my brothers and I left in my automobile or maybe I left alone in my automobile .

We/I drove around Eastside and we/I stopped a few times to talk with people in the neighborhood, walk around, play sports/games with some of the younger & older people who invited us to play with them, and spent time enjoying the weather which was nice.

I remember some kids asking me questions about various things and they probably had me play some games with them, which was a bit fun, and it felt good to help inform/teach the kids about various things that might help them later in life.

At some point I remember seeing a man in our neighborhood who often walks places everyday, he was walking as usual, and later I returned to my parent’s house briefly (maybe to drop off my brother or brothers); and I got an email from the man who I saw walking earlier, and in the email he asked me if I planned on being in D on my birthday.

I was surprised and I wondered how did the man get my email address, how did he know my birthday, and why did he want to know if I would be in D on my birthday?

I figured that my dad and the man had talked (which they sometimes do) after he saw me earlier in the dream and that maybe my dad gave him my email address and maybe my dad told him when my birthday was, and maybe the man wanted to know if I would be in town on my birthday so that he could get me a present/gift/wish me happy birthday.

In the dream my birthday was months away and so I had no idea if I would be in D or not, I was not sure how to respond to the email exactly at first, but I am not sure if I ever responded to the email in the dream or not; I remember working on a response, but I can not remember the rest of this part in the dream.

Later in the dream I went to my grandfather’s house to get his newspaper, mail, and to see if he was doing okay as I normally do; and while I was getting his mail I saw my cousin ME & his girlfriend going into his dad’s/my uncle CE‘s old house, but they did not see me.

I then took my grandfather his newspaper & mail & I asked him how he was doing, and when I walked outside my uncle CE was arriving; and so I briefly talked with him, and then I drove across town near where Walmart should be.

There I probably met some former classmates & coworkers & other people as I walked around that part of D & maybe shopped, and then there was a time jump in the dream; and I was still on that part of town, but I was different.

I was wearing a suit or tuxedo and I had an attractive woman with me & we were arm & arm walking on side of the highway/road enjoying each others company & the outdoors, the weather was a bit darker like a cloudy gray day or late afternoon but it was still nice or felt nice, and I felt more confident/better/more hopeful/like I was more successful/I seemed to have a good amount of money & I owned at least one or more businesses/I was liked by the community/et cetera.

I was not afraid to walk around and even though I had a good amount of money I still walked around being friendly with people as usual & I still was not one to waste money & I still helped people but I seemed to dress better now; other than that & how much better I felt, I was still me pretty much but an improved version or a dream version of myself which feels more like me than in the real world.

The woman and I walked around really enjoying ourselves, it was a bit magical really, I remember noticing & enjoying the many details of the outdoor environment; and we both talked about that & we both pointed out things in the environment, and we enjoyed the moments.

Small things like colors, cloud shapes, temperature, the wind, noises, smells, et cetera were amazing to us.

We walked all the way from the area near Walmart to where R’s Restaurant used to be, I owned a business there that was made of brick & was one floor & I think that it was a restaurant/buffet too & I probably had the prices very low & probably free for people who could not afford it so that anyone could eat there, and the woman & I were going there to eat and/or have a date.

We walked through the parking lot to go to the public bathrooms that I had built on the outside of my business so that anyone could use them (there were bathrooms inside too, but we were closer to the public ones & I liked to make sure that they were still clean), because I knew that sometimes people needed to use a bathroom & that they did not always want to enter the business first to reach the bathroom, and so I had a men’s public bathroom and a women’s public bathroom built connected to the outside of my business.

The woman with me was going to wait outside the men’s bathroom for me, I smiled and I told her that I would not be in there long, but then out of the corner of my eye(s) I saw two men getting out of an S.U.V walking in our direction & I saw that they had assault rifles.

I quickly moved the woman toward the men’s bathroom while shielding her with my body and I told her to run inside the men’s bathroom to hide as maybe the two men said my name & they said something & they began to shoot at me, and then I started reaching into my suit or tuxedo pocket to pull out my pistol; but I got shot in the chest or near it maybe, and since they were using assault rifles the shot hit me hard enough that I turned sideways a bit still pulling out my pistol.

I shot one of the men and killed him, but while doing that the other man shot me at least two more times before I shot & killed him; and then I stumbled toward the bathroom bleeding out with three holes in my body since the rifle bullets went all the way through my body to see if the woman was okay; but I fell to the ground.

I wondered if I had any security in my business that could help as I laid on the ground trying to crawl toward the bathroom, I noticed that some people in the parking lot saw what happened, and they called the police & ambulance.

The men’s bathroom door was closed and the woman was inside there still, but I was not sure if any of the bullets had went through the door or wall & hit her or not; and so I was still worried about her.

I wondered who the two gunmen were and why would anyone want to kill me/us, I tried covering my bullet holes to help stop the bleeding while probably trying to call the woman’s name to make sure that she was alive but I got no response & I could not talk loud, and then I heard sirens; and a police car drove up.

A male police officer who knew me stopped to check on me and I pointed to the two dead gunmen to let him know that they were the ones who attacked me & that they were dead, and I asked him to go into the men’s bathroom to make sure that the woman was alive; and he said something on his radio to headquarters, he told me to hang in there John, and he went into the bathroom to check on the woman.

I was probably dying there on the ground bleeding out hoping to stay conscious and/or alive long enough to make sure that the woman was alive, I heard the ambulance getting closer in the distance, but I woke up as I looked up at the sky wondering if I would die.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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