Strange Things Happening In The Sky & Barriers & Blanket?

Last night I / my brain mostly had semi-dreams / thoughts / semi-daydreams / maybe a dream / et cetera of / playing the video game Saints Row: The Third, and I thought that I might not have a dream or not remember a dream by the next morning.

At some point I did have a dream or at least I remember part of a dream, but I barely remember part of it; and so it is very unclear and it does not make much sense.

It took place during the day through the night and into the next morning, and it started in my parent’s yard during the day; and my family and I were there.

I remember being outside with them at some point and I noticed a strange flash of light or something in the sky, and so I told the others what I saw; and then in the sky we saw a very strange cloud-like formation that was at an almost 45 degree angle in the sky like something had entered the Earth’s atmosphere/dimension and left a huge/strange trail/portal/whatever.

It was like a huge storm cloud-like formation that stretched from the top of the sky probably to the ground like a stairway or something like that but without stairs, and there were probably strange things in & around it; but we could not tell if it was lighting/strange weather phenomenon/or something else around & in it.

I knew that something was not right about it and then maybe some strange Pterodactyl-like things that looked probably barely alive started flying at us, but a barrier seemed to be stopping them from reaching us; and the barrier would probably kill them and/or knock them out of the sky if they hit it.

I wondered what was creating the barrier that you could only see when they hit it, and I looked behind me & in the yard with my family was a boy or girl; but I am not sure who or what he or she was supposed to be, he or she somewhat reminded me of Michael Jackson’s son Blanket Jackson in appearance & with his negative/serious facial expressions that he sometimes makes.

It seemed that somehow the boy or girl was making the barrier, like the barrier automatically formed wherever the boy or girl was close to, and so I came up with a strategy that we would always have someone guarding the kid & always have at least one person on guard duty as we try to figure out what was going on while trying to survive.

I remember us going inside and the dream skipped through the day & night & into the next morning, and I remember going outside again; and my brother TD found a baby non-Human animal that he did not recognize, and to me it looked like a baby monkey or Chimpanzee.

The baby non-Human animal smiled and looked a bit cute and so we took it inside the house, and then I remember talking about my security plans with the others; and I think that we tried to see if there were any reports about what was happening on the news, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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