9-27-2012 | Dream Journal | Talking To A Fictional Neighbor At A Hospital

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Last night I had several dreams involving Saints Row: The Third related things like recruiting/protecting people, taking over territory, doing missions, et cetera; but that is all that I can remember about those dreams.

The only dream that I can really remember part of, is a dream that took place at a fictional apartment/hospital that had a lot of floors, and I had an apartment on one of the upper floors.

The hallway that I lived on had doors/apartments on both sides of the hallway, there were no windows in the hallway, the hallway had dark-colored carpet/maybe walls/maybe ceiling, and so it was a bit dark looking; and it was a lower class/income apartment, but it was clean.

I remember that two of my neighbors who lived on the same hallway as me were/was a man who looked like the actor Adam Rodriguez and he had a young sister or girl who lived with him, and I remember there were various dream scenes from different days that showed them/us coming & going from our apartments each day but I can not remember the details.

One day I went to a hospital that was probably connected to our apartment, oddly hospitals are often combined/attached/joined to other types of building in my dreams 😀 , and I walked on one of the upper floors to an area in the hospital that had several doctors offices.

I remember waiting in line and/or talking with some women who were secretaries and/or nurses, and I might have had to sign some paperwork or something; and then I saw my fictional neighbor who looked like Mr. Rodriguez and we started talking.

I remember telling my neighbor that I often seen him and his sister or the girl who lived with him, since I lived on the same floor as them, and we talked about various things.

At some point I think that I asked him about how did they get by financially/survive/et cetera, I am not sure if either one of us had a job or not in the dream (probably not), and we both were probably lower class/low-income/no income.

He started telling me about/of and I could see flashbacks about/of him going around acting a bit worse off financially than he really was, to get free stuff & medical care or something like that, and so there were flashbacks & stories of him dressing/talking/walking/acting/et cetera in ways to make people feel more sorry for him so that they would help him/give him free stuff.

So in a way that was his job, and that has allowed him & his sister or the girl who lived with him to survive this long.

After telling me about this I think that he gave me a sheet(s) of paper that he wrote something on, I am not sure what happened exactly, I just remember walking around with a sheet(s) of paper somewhat pretending that they were given to me by a doctor/nurse as I walked around the various secretary desk areas of each doctors office in the area where we were.

I remember a few people staring at me and asking me questions about what I was doing or what I needed, and I remember briefly explaining/talking to them.

At some point my neighbor came up to me one last time maybe to make sure that I had the information that he wrote down and maybe to make sure that I would not tell anyone about his secrets (the things that he did so that him & his sister or the girl who lived with him could survive) that he told me.

I remember trying to read/interpret/predict what he was thinking, trying to see how serious he was or if he was threatening me or not, and I remember probably feeling slightly threatened; but I had no plans on telling anyone about his secrets, so I was not really worried about it, but I was not comfortable with his methods & I wanted to recommend that he change his approach to something more legitimate.

I felt that he could find better ways so that they could survive, and he seemed to have the skills & personality that would allow him to succeed in a variety of jobs; and so I felt that he could get a normal job easier than I could and succeed.

I think that he wrote down their contact information on the sheet(s) that he gave me, and so I was going to contact them later to give them my advice/opinions; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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