Attack Of The Brotherhood

Due to going to bed too late and waking up too late, I forgot most of my dreams, but I do barely remember part of my last dream; which was interesting, but confusing & unclear since I forgot the most important parts of the dream.

All that I can remember is being dropped or jumping from a tall building next to water during a gray day in a fictional area, and two women & another man were falling/jumping with me.

I think that we were experiments and/or that there was something special about us and/or that we were specially trained and/or something like that and this building and area belonged to a somewhat futuristic military-like group, and they had experimented on us and/or made us and/or trained us and/or captured us and/or something like that.

I remember that it felt somewhat realistic as we fell through the air down to the water, and it probably was a bit fun; and hitting the water and going under the water felt somewhat realistic and amazing.

There were some amazing/magical moments that happened during this part that I can not remember exactly, but I do remember swimming toward the shore/area near the water with the others; and the water was a dark bluish color and there was this deep/dark/dreamy/mysteriousness to the water.

I remember talking with and doing several things with the three other people who were like me, but I can not remember what we said/did/or what they looked like exactly but I know that there were two women, one man, and I; and the area had a lot of somewhat futuristic soldier-like people guarding the area, and there were various buildings around the area.

I remember talking mostly with one of the women and the two of us were walking around the area talking.

At some point a group that they/we called The Brotherhood, attacked the area where we were and I think that they were after us to capture us, and The Brotherhood was led by one or more people like us or one or more people who used to be part of the somewhat futuristic military-like group.

One of the leaders or the leader of The Brotherhood was part of the attack force, he looked somewhat like the actor Orlando Jones, and he seemed tougher than all The Brotherhood soldiers / attackers; and so he was probably like us.

I do not think that The Brotherhood wanted to kill us, I think that they wanted us captured alive for some unknown reason(s), but they did seem to want to kill/destroy the futuristic military-like group; and so The Brotherhood were killing members of the futuristic military-like group.

It was an intense battle with shooting, explosions, melee combat, hand-to-hand combat, outdoor combat, indoor combat, hiding, running, et cetera.

I remember that one of the women and I were together during the battle, but the others were separated from us & were in another area of the battlefield; and so I do not know what happened to them.

I do not think that the woman and I fought much, we probably mostly ran & hid, but we probably fought a bit to protect ourselves and/or others.

The futuristic military-like group was losing the battle and I remember that the leader or one of the leaders of The Brotherhood was walking around easily defeating people as he tried to catch up with us, the battle was lost, and so the woman & I escaped to another area somewhere further away that was also controlled by the futuristic military-like group.

The new area was darker/more industrial/more military base-like and was more secure, and the few futuristic soldiers who survived The Brotherhood attack came to this area as well.

The woman and I talked with several people, and we walked around the area; and I remember spending some time in a gym-like area with maybe a basketball court, but I still do not remember seeing the others.

A lot more happened in this dream, especially dialogue and information that would help this dream make sense, but I forgot all that unfortunately.

At some point The Brotherhood attacked this new area, once again led by the leader who led the last attack, and they were winning again; but this time the woman and I fought more, and we tried to encourage the futuristic soldiers.

I am not sure what our special abilities/powers were, but we must have been tougher/harder to kill at least because I do not remember using weapons & we had no armor; but somehow we were defeating people and we were not dying, even though they had guns & other weapons & armor.

The leader of The Brotherhood who was leading the attack seemed to be trying to capture us like he was hoping that we would join them, it seemed that maybe he was like us, and he wanted all of those like us to join with The Brotherhood to fight against the futuristic military-like group who probably created us and/or trained us and/or experimented on us and/or captured us.

The woman and I were doing a good job fighting, but at some point the leader leading the attack started to chase us; and so I probably told the woman to run/escape/hide/fight somewhere else while I distracted the leader.

I remember running and hiding from the leader, at some point I hid in a bathroom, but he found me; and we started to fight, and I was winning but it seemed that he was letting me beat him.

I remember dragging him out of the bathroom holding him in a strange submission/lock, as he was talking to me about joining The Brotherhood and telling me other information about The Brotherhood and the futuristic military-like group, and then a futuristic soldier who had survived the first attack recognized the leader; and he wanted to get revenge for all of his fellow soldiers who had been killed, and so he pulled out a pistol that looked a bit like a Luger but he was afraid of the leader.

I told the soldier to shoot him while I was still able to still hold the leader, before he could get free from my submission/lock, and so the soldier walked up to the leader pointing the pistol at his head; but he was still afraid, and so I yelled at the soldier to shoot him, and finally the soldier shot the leader in the head & so I let the leader go but the leader did not fall.

We were a bit shocked and then the leader stumbled toward the soldier and grabbed his pistol, and then he put the pistol to his own head; and then I told the soldier to grab the trigger and pull it, he was very afraid, but he did it & it shot the leader in the head again which only made him stumble a bit more.

The leader was still standing but was stumbling and shaking, but he was staring at us in defiance & maybe he also looked at me like I had made the wrong choice; and maybe I felt that he could have killed the soldier and I if he wanted to, but maybe he held back his true power in the hope(s) that I would join him/The Brotherhood not thinking that we would get a chance to hurt him like this during our fight to where we could kill him if we wanted to.

I felt a bit bad for him and I felt that I should have listened to more of what he had to say, and that maybe I could have gotten them to stop their attack; and I wondered which group we could trust, if either.

But he seemed to be dying, he had already attacked us, it was clear that he would keep attacking/killing the other group & hunting us until he captured us and/or until we joined them, and killing him would probably help end this Brotherhood attack; and so I decided to go ahead and let the soldier finish killing him, which I felt bad about doing.

The soldier grabbed the pistol from the leader and in anger started shooting the leader in the head until he fell to the ground, and appeared to have died; and he shot him a few more time just in case, and then his revenge was complete in his mind.

Still feeling bad about the situation and wondering if The Brotherhood really had our best interesting in mind or not, I also felt that I should make sure that the leader was dead since we seemed to be harder to kill like us, and so I considered cutting his head off & having the body & head burnt in an incinerator at the base.

I told the soldier about my idea, but then a report came from another soldier that The Brotherhood was losing the battle now.

As I thought about this report, the woman, the others, The Brotherhood, the leader, the futuristic military-like group, the situation, the incinerator idea, et cetera; I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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